Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's sweet: Japanese buffet and sweet!

SUPER OVERDUE-D POST!!! (But i still wanna blog about it :D) If you know me in person or have been following my blog/ twitter for a long time, you would have realised i'm a very "junk food" person and i have a weakness for desserts, snacks, basically all the junk food lah! So went i heard there's a newly opened dessert buffet at Bugis, the first thing i did was to gather some khakis and head down! :D

Let's Sweets - Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street #02-49

My khakis - Jing long

Limei and Joyce!

Let's Sweets buffet is from 12pm to 10pm daily. Lunch buffet (60mins) is $16.88++ for adults and $12.80++ for Child. As for Dinner (80mins), it's $19.80++ for adults and $12.80++ for child.

We went for the lunch session and smack right on the table is a timer which starts at 50 mins.
(so that you know you have 10 mins left to eat after the timer hits 0 mins -__-)

There's quite a varieties of food to choose from, not only desserts. There are...


Japanese Omu rice...

Fried items like Chicken karaage, chips, hash browns etc...


Honestly, you must really chiong because 60 mins is not alot of time. LOL

Our first serving! In order to save time, we decided to "assign tasks" so each of us will take one kind of food and bring it back to our table to share. Efficient much?

Mini teriyaki chicken burger with chips and Chicken Karaage :D

There's also a dessert counter where one person is allow to choose 5 items each time only.

Japanese jellies! I think we tried all the flavours! :D

Mini cakes!

My favourite Cream puff!!! I can eat alot alot of it lor! MUAHAHA

Crepes counter! Made on the spot!

I had the chocolate banana one. But the real thing look much more different than the display one.

Lastly, a chocolate fondue with marshmallow and fruits! nom nom nom

Verdict: Honestly, i felt it was kinda rush to try out so many food items within the limited time given. We were like swallowing the food down instead of slowly appreciating it. Quite a huge varieties to try. Overall it was a not bad experience, the food was so-so, nothing really special, perhaps for only a few items. Price was quite reasonable, at around 20 bucks/ pax after ++. Would i come again? Maybe.