Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner with BFFs! ❤

As mentioned in my earlier post, BFFs decided to meet up for a early Christmas dinner and gift exchange so here i am blogging about it! After deciding where to have our Xmas dinner, we finally decided to have Astons at The Cathay, as usual the queue is freakin' long -__- As usual, i forgot to send my BFFs these photos taken that night, Opps. If you are reading this, just take from here can?

Double up Charbroiled and BBQ chicken with Baked potato and rice for me!

3 of us happy (and excited for the gift exchange) posing with our food! Wanted to do the gift exchange there after dinner but then looking at the queue outside Astons, must likely they will chase us out (if they dare!) so we thought it would be better to find another place... and it shall be BEN'S & JERRY!

Taken using my new Samsung Ex1! Doesn't this photo make you feel like getting one too!

With the swivel screen, it's so much more easier to take group shots!!!
(Ok, this is not the time to promote my camera -__- )

Pretending to be really interested in the Sundae! But it's really nice lah, B&J leh! (:

Checkout our instax camera! From the left: Piano black mini 50s, Instax mini 7s and Instax 210!

The most anticipated moment of the day, LOL

Me and Nurul excited to see what Yah see got for us!

I can't help laughing every time i see this photo!!!

She got us this aroma diffuser (which is damn powerful-ly strong!) and bath set :D

BFFs exploring the sincere present i made for them! MUAHAHA

See their happy faces! Makes me feel all the effort that i put in was worth it

Nurul got Yah see a GAP, i repeat GAP bag and got me a Mont Blanc perfume! Over budget!
(No wonder she was so excited to make us open her present, LOL)

Took like a Gazillion instaxs! (at least 18 pieces!) That's all!