Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where were you during Christmas eve? ♥

How did you spend your christmas this year? Just like every other year, christmas has always been happening for me!!! December is also the month where i spent the most money on presents for gift exchange. Gift exchange is like one of the fun-est activity during christmas because you never know what you might get back! (P.s: I hate getting chocolates!) So how did you spend your christmas eve?

Shall start this post with 2 photos of me and my act chio furry Santa Claus hat! (Daiso $2!)

Last minute decision to meet up for countdown with Jing Long, Joyce and Ying zi

I was playing with the different effects of my EX1 during dinner (Can't believe i'm still not used to it yet. Zzz) and i decided to play with the Fish Eye effect! Took a photo of everyone, including myself!


Super crowded in town. Every year i tell myself, "I will not go to town during festive period, i will not go to town during festive period" In the end still go and squeeze with the crowd. FML ttm.

It's like a must for everyone to take a photo with the christmas tree infront of Orchard ion, LOL

Everyone smile! Group photo made easy with the Samsung EX1 Swivel screen! :D

Went to slack around, determined to stay till countdown (since there's time extension for MRT) and 30 mins before christmas, people are already starting to play with aerosol foams!!! Ciao ahhhhhhhhh!

Spotted a group of females attacking a unexpected passerby! THE MAN DAMN SUAY TTM!

Everyone attacking each other randomly! Clever us decided to go up heeren to get an bird's eye view of the cineleisure area where everyone is crowding waiting for countdown! No one can spray us there!

Joyce left early so left the 3 of us! Can you spot the crowd at the back? No? Nevermind.


Took a short 25 seconds clip of the MASS AEROSOL FOAM SPRAY! MUST WATCH!

CRAZY RIGHT! Read from the news that everyone just throw their empty can around -__-

Last but not least, a group photo to end this post! So how did you spend your xmas eve? (: