Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ice cream buffet at Swensens, Orchard ion!

Yes, i blogged about the ice cream buffet at Ion before, but cannot blog again meh?! The last time i went for the ice buffet was quite long ago with Rinn, Manda and the rest! It was in October 2009 lor! More than one year already (Just in case you are interested to read the blog post, you can click HERE!)
This time i suggested this place to my blogger friends as they were thinking of where to have lunch. The Swensons at Orchard ion had the normal buffet PLUS ice cream buffet so it's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone! MUAHAHA The thing is, most people would have a main course before going for the dessert but by the time they finish the main course, they would too full to go for the dessert -__-

I always like to have a main before having desserts so i ordered a Hawaiian Pizza

The Buffet includes varieties of cakes for you to choose. Honestly, the cakes are so so only...

White chocolate fondue fountain! That's something new!

The typical chocolate fondue with strawberries, mash mellows and cream puffs!

Oreo cheesecake + chocolate fondue artistically placed onto the plate. ACT CHIO

Design your own ice cream sundae!

Ehh, if you have no idea how this ice cream buffet works. Basically you just choose like a few ice cream flavours from the WIDE variety available then you can design your own ice cream sundae by adding the toppings! There's like whipped cream, fruits, chocolate fudge, cereals and ALOT more toppings!

Colourful chocolate rice and M&M chocolates!

Fresh Waffles and mini pancakes are available in the buffet too! nom nom nom

Total Damage: $200.80!