Saturday, December 4, 2010

"With a Pinch of Salt"

Ever since i enlisted into NS, my weekends are normally spend either watching movies, shopping in town or looking for good food with the usual blogger peeps. It's like after eating the usual oh-so-boring stuff from the cookhouse for 5 days in a row, it's time to pamper myself with some good food during the weekends! This explains the influx of food posts i had ever since June 2010, LOL

This time, we decided to head to "With a pinch of Salt" located at 297 Tanjong Katong Road after reading a blog post by Jiaqi's friend, Gisiang! For your info - Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar.

Hidden at some ulu part of Singapore, but i guess the trip was worth it (:

Finally we arrived at "With a Pinch of Salt" I concept cafes!!!

The cover of their menu. I like the feel of this cafe, it gives you a very "homely" feeling! :D

They have this cute female cartoon character called Kyra, which is most likely their mascot.

See what i meant by "homely" feeling?

Most cafe/ restaurants have the "standard" layout whereas in concept cafes, their design makes people feel at home. Very casual. This cafe gave me an idea of opening a "Ikea-themed cafe"! Meaning everything in the cafe, be it the furniture, the utensils, cups, bowls etc are ALL FROM IKEA! So far there's no such cafe right? DON'T SELL MY IDEA HOR! Maybe next time when i have $$ (:

This is what happens when you eat with a group of bloggers.
By the time everyone finish take their photo, the food turn cold le. LOL


Because it's our first time at this cafe, and the items in the menu looks quite good, we decided to order quite a lot of food! One main course each + sides. So here's what we ordered!!! :D

The Cheese fries ($6.90) was really good and it serve as a good appetizer for you and your friends. It's enough to share around a few people. The Hawaiian pizza ($8.90) had a soft base and the cheese is damn nice, can stretch one somemore! The rest of the items were not bad too! :D

P.s: I was just lazy to describe all the food items! AHAHAHHAHA

Joyce die die also must order this Escargot thingy. IT'S SNAIL LEH! *faints*

Our tables all filled with different kinds of food! nom nom nom

Individual shots with our main course!


ENORMOUS photo with my Chicken Cordon Bleu (Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese) :D

How can a meal not end with desserts!

Banana split ($4.90) and the highly rated famous Choco lava ($4.90)

That's all for our trip to "With a Pinch of Salt"!

Overall verdict:

4 out of 5 thunderbolts!

The food is not bad, price is reasonable, love the ambience :D