Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jing Long's 18th birthday!

As the title mentioned, this post is on Jing Long's 18th birthday! He invited us to his house for a simple celebration on a Sunday... and Sunday is the day when i'm supposed to book in to camp, so i had to bring all my barang barang and my ironed uniform to his place and head straight to camp at night!

Gamblers playing Mahjong in the living room...

The innocent ones having fun playing Monopoly deal in the room!

I got like the best cards ever! MUAHAHA

Everyone pooled in money to get something that Jing long really wants...


Kind and helpful me helping him to fix the camera up :D

and since i fixed it up, i shall get to play it before the birthday boy! MUAHAHA

"Come on, smileeeeee!" The film is damn expensive, about $1.70 per piece leh!

Kop this blur photo from Mel's twitpic! Jing long's mum cooked for us!!! nom nom nom

That day, the guys were all lying on Jing long's bed chatting and suddenly everyone decided to attack him! Everyone started to "tao-pok" him one by one. Clever me decided to wait till everyone is on him then slowly make my way up! MUAHAHAHHAHA Made a GIF with the photos:

The final winner at the top of the tower! *play victory music* LOL

Camwhore with Ying zi's self timer DSLR :D

I seriously wonder what Mel was thinking with the blanket... LOL

To end of this post, here's the birthday video that Don did for Jing long! Quite nice!

Quite touching right???

Last photo! Instax taken using Jing long's birthday present and edited by Me me me