Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tron: Legacy Movie gala premiere!

Thanks to Nuffnang, i was able to get tickets for the Gala premiere of Tron: Legacy held on the 13th of Dec at The Cathay! For the past few weeks, cinemas have been playing their trailer again and again before movies, so i always wonder what this movie TRON is all about. Finally i get to watch it, before anyone else! (other than those at the Gala premiere that day) Neh ni neh ni poo poo! MUAHAHA :P

Gala premiere hor! You Muggles shall wait till 16th December!

Brought BFF Nurul along! Be my BFF can go gala premiere leh, not bad hor?

The act cool models pretending to be "programs" (Watch the movie to understand!)

I think for shows like TRON, watching it 3D would be highly recommended!

Right after the movie, they have this photo taking session with the models. Apparently if you upload the photo to their FB page and get the most "like" will win prizes like the Razer gaming mouse/ keyboard, Tron Premium packs or a pair of tickets!
So everyone please click this LINK and help me LIKE the photo, and if i heng heng manage to win anything, i will be doing a giveaway right here on this blog! Current highest "liked" photo is 117 likes. Shouldn't be too difficult for you guys to hit higher than that right? So just click the link and like! (:

P.S: Zzzz. I just realised by the time i published this post, it's already 16th Dec. Gala premiere also no use, you guys can catch the movie in cinemas from today onwards. FML