Friday, April 30, 2010

"Gmask" your phone with $2!

Haha! This title is catchy right! You must be wondering, "Har?! 2 dollar can Gmask phone meh, got promotion ah???" Sorry to disappoint you, there's no promotion. But instead, i'm gonna teach you how to DIY Gmask your phone with just 2 bucks!

I got my chio Black LG eve awhile ago (Thanks LG Singapore!) I'm so afraid that i might scratch it or something because the previous LG eve that they loan us kena alot alot alot of scratches in my clumsy hands, lucky they gave us a new set :D

So i was thinking of G masking it since it's the best and the nicest way to protect your gadgets. But after looking at the price... IT COST AT LEAST $39 TO GMASK IT LEH! So expensive lor! So the easiest way and cheapest way with $2 is to...

Cling wrap it!

You can easily buy the whole cling wrapper for just 2 bucks at your friendly nearby mama shop or econ mini mart! Break or tear? Nevermind, cling it again. I bet you can use it for more than 50 times lor! Damn worth it! and it really really works! :D

Congrats on your first G mask! *throw confetti*

Ok, i'm seriously joking.

Before i go on with my post, can you guess what place i'm hinting? Everything in this store is priced at $2 each. There are several outlets in S'pore, example would be Plaza Sing, Vivocity. The products are mostly from Japan. Can you guess???

The place is Daiso! The main "actor" of this post is this mobile sticker that cost just 2 bucks from Daiso! Few colours and texture to choose from, so since my LG eve is in black, i shall "mask" it in Gold! Abit too kua zhang and attention seeking =/

Read the instructions before using it. Something that i don't understand is that, "Do not use it on valuable items", har? So mobile phone not consider valuable ah? Maybe to Japanese, their phones are not that valuable lor... AHAHAHHAHAHA

Ingredients I mean materials you need:

#1: Pen knife
#2: Scissors
#3: Cutting Mat
#4: Mobile sticker
#5: Ruler

Step #1: Take down all the measurements of the battery cover.

Step #2: Draw a draft on a paper and see if it fits EXACTLY.

Step #3: Use the paper draft and trace on your mobile sticker.

Step #4: Use either the scissors or pen knife to cut out the shape.

Step #5: Time to stick it onto the battery cover.

Step #6: Press firmly to stick the sticker onto the battery cover. (No bubbles!)

Step #7: Cut off excess sticker.

Step #8: Now that it's done, slot the battery cover back to the phone!

Ta dah! End product! Congrats, you just G masked your.. eh, battery cover!!!

Another photo of the G masked battery cover. Chio-ness much?

So how is this DIY G mask tutorial? It's really 2 bucks right? I never bluff you all right. HOWEVER, it really look much better in photos than the actual thing itself.
After leaving the the phone alone for about 2 hours, the sides start to peel off because it's not sticky enough -__- So i cut off the sides and it's looks fine now :D

Hope you enjoy reading my anyhow DIY G mask tutorial. If you really really want to protect your gadgets, spend that money to Gmask it, it's gonna be worth it. I think.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SHINee Hello Baby! ❤

I'm back to introduce a korea variety show! "SHINee Hello baby!" Honestly, i never thought i would be a fan of SHINee but after watching their live performance at the SG eAwards, i began to listen to their songs and watch their videos on Youtube! (:

Around a month ago, i came across their latest variety show and i was hooked! I would spend the whole night watch episodes after episodes (only to realise ep12 is their last one. Major sadness!) Every week i would wait patiently for "Sfineee" to upload their english sub version onto their YouTube account! It's super duper nice!

SHINee's Hello baby is about raising 4 year old Yoogeun!

Onscreen, we see SHINee as idols who are cool, talented in singing and dancing but in Hello baby, we get to see the sentimental side of them. Not forgetting how funny each member can be! It's hard to explain, you have to watch it for yourself!

In episode 3, they wear up as animals for cute Yoogeun! Damn funny.

Embed the part 1/5 of the first episode! Watch it, you won't regret :D

Watch Hello Baby on Youtube channel - Sfineee (Clickable!) It's english subbed! (:

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Month of May is coming!

The month of May is coming soon! I shall be organized and plan what to do in this month. May can be counted as one of the most important month so far, and TIME is damn super precious. More important than money to me now. *tick tock tick tock*

The Month of may shall be socializing month, i want to meet up with these people!

#1: Serene and Rachel! Really miss them alot alot alot!

#2: BFFs! Haven't been meeting up for the longest time! Due to work commitments.

#3: Closest Poly mates! Manda, Peggy, Rinn, Keith and Hui xin (Not in picture)

#4: Wei jian, Shao Cheng, Zakia and William (Not in picture)! I'm a gummy bear~

#5: People-i-know-from-the-internet! Blogger peeps! :D

#6: ClaireChing! My bestest girl-friend!

#7: Colleagues! (I realised we don't have a group photo in uniform before.) Can't believe i started working at Hei Sushi downtown east even before i enrolled into Poly, and now that i've graduated, i'm still there! Almost 3 years leh! Woah.

Next week is gonna be my last week working if anyone of you wanna see me in real life, go downtown east find me! Lol. I have kept my working place secret for 3 years! Everytime my readers or someone ask, i won't not reply. Paranoid. AHAHAHA


#1: Watch Iron man 2 and IP man 2!

#2: Fish and Co. Craving for it since god knows when.

#3: One last photoshoot!

#4: Bleach my hair blonde! That's the best i can photoshop :(

#5: Mask my LG eve. Maybe DIY since i'm not willing to spend $$ Gmasking it!

#6: Go to Universal Studios Singapore! Damn ex but *secret* :D

Lastly, #7: Blog as much as i can!

That should be about all. I should be able to accomplish everything within 30 days, and leave with no regrets. Wanted to write more elaborate for each photo but i think i should keep things simple and each photo speaks a thousand words. (So i wrote like 15 thousand words! MUAHAHA) Good luck to me for the next 30 days :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

#Project Room Cleanup! Look at the mess!

Gosh. There's totally nothing interesting happening in my life now. Even when i go online, there seem to be nothing to do at all other than refreshing my blog and see the same thing over and over again -__- Ok, i was joking about the refreshing part.

Have been staying at home for the past few days, and i thought, "It has been ages since i clean up my room, why not do it today?" Made up my mind to clean my room thoroughly that day! Before i go on, let me just show you how "neat" my room is :D

Can't believe i'm showing you guys all these photos of my room. Oh wells.

Ta dah! This is where my desk is. Hardly any room to walk around =/

My desktop! Filled with all sorts of junk. Let's play "Can you spot my ipod?"

The other side of my room where the shelves are! Gosh. What a mess.

So now it's time for...

Before you start complaining how messy my room is, how disgusted you are, scolding me or whatever. That's-not-my-room. I just randomly google-d "Messy Room" and tons of these images pop out. I wonder how people live in such room...

Now here's my REAL room:

Actually i think it's quite neat but nevertheless, there's room for improvement! :D

My messy table but trust me, i've seen worst. On the outside, it seem quite neat. That's when you haven't open the drawers. But when you open them...

No, those are not disposable underwear!

Everything else goes to this drawer. By the way, see those prints on my table? They are drawn free handed by ME! I was thinking this table is white and boring, why not draw something on it. So i took a black marker and started doodling...

End result. (Photo taken ages ago!)

Ok, shall not sidetrack. #1st step to packing my table is to dump everything out:

Yes, that's quite alot of things.

After which, clean the empty table!

Woohoo! I love BIG photos! After cleaning the table, it's time to sit down and decide what are the things that i should keep/throw/donate. 2 HOURS to finish -__-

After which, arrange everything back into the drawers! Remember I show you a photo of my messy drawer earlier on? Nevermind, this is the photo:

And after packing...

Ta-dah! Got difference okay! It's so much neater now *flicks hair*

If you think i'm done with cleaning up, you are wrong. My room don't only consist of a table okay -__- There's another area i need to clean, which is the other side of my room! The area right infront of bed, which has like shelves, TV, toys etc :D

Ok lah, this area is quite clean and neat because i seldom touch the things there but nevertheless, i decided to take everything down and wipe the shelves clean!

All my old comics and toys. Lots and lots of stitches!

Just when i thought this area is clean, i spotted a bunch of ants among the books!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! (Obviously this photo isn't taken by me, i google image-d it...)

You know how some people hate lizards or cockroaches? The insect i hate most are ANTS. I'm fine with 1 or 2 lurking around, maybe they got lost or something but when they come in a whole bunch, i make sure i EXTERMINATE them! After that i will overturn the whole room, find the cause and kill them all! Die ants die! MUAHAHA

Shit, i side track again. This post is getting longer and longer. Back to my room,After cleaning the shelves and arranging everything back, here's the final result:

Rearrange-d the shelves so there's space for my Stitches! Clever me.

One big bag of rubbish. 1 bag of mag + paper to recycle. 1 bag of toys to donate!

and I'M DONE!

Oh ya, if you ever wonder how many stitch soft toy i have, here's the answer:

How many stitches are there altogether? :D