Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closure to 2011, hello 2012!

When people say time flies, i have no choice but to agree because in a blink of an eye, it's already the end of Year 2011 and we are welcoming 2012, which is supposedly the end of the world as according to the Mayan calendar. Just imagine the world did not end on 21st December 2012.

On the 22nd, all the movies on 2012 will become a joke. But just in case it ends, we technically have one more year to live our lives to the fullest! So we better make full use of the 365 days in 2012, do what we always wanted to do, buy the things you always wanted to buy etc! MAI TU LIAO! LOL

It feels like yesterday i just blogged about my closure to 2010 and one year past just like that. Anyway, you can read 2010's version by clicking HERE! 2011 has been a great year with quite a number of achievements, traveling overseas etc. Without further ado, i shall now conclude 2011! (:



Ok, maybe it's not that significant but still! I always look forward to CNY gatherings with friends and family, not because of the ang pow (by the way, believe it or not, i haven't even opened my ang pows for 2011!) but it's the together-ness where everyone come together and catch up!

I always try to make it a point to have Yu sheng at every gathering (even though i don't take veggies!) because i simply love the feeling when we mix the Yu sheng. This year i had it 5 times!
1 at home, 1 at BFF's place, 1 at *cousins steamboat, 1 at relatives' place and 1 at JL's place :D


After considerations, i decided to ditch my HTC snap which accompanied me during my BMT days and get the highly raved blackberry. I remembered it was Xiaxue who was promoting the Pros of the phone on her blog and the next thing you know, everyone is either using the iPhone, or a Blackberry! But little did i know the complications of getting a Blackberry... Well, you can read about it HERE.



When Apple first launched the iPad, i told myself I MUST GET IT, but it got delayed for quite awhile because i didn't have the money to get it... I finally got it in February and i can proudly say it's definitely my BEST purchase of 2011! I have never once regret buying it because it's so handy! Everyone should totally get one! Heard the iPad 3 will be out in Feb 2012, guess who's upgrading? ;)


Hong kong is the country that i wanted to visit the most ever since i was young, mainly because of all the HK dramas, i also speak cantonese, Ocean park and what not and i FINALLY went there. I swear i felt like crying when i entered Disneyland, it was like a dream came true, kua zhang much?



Thought it would be good to have another picnic at Marina Barrage with the friends i made from blogging (affectionately known as the *cousins with the asterisk, LOL) We had one picnic in 2010, and we thought we should have it again since it was fun! We definitely came a long way together, from strangers in the cyber world to real life close friends. Sometimes when i think about it, i would find it quite amazing. If we weren't bloggers, we would have never met. Love you guys, MUACKS


It's either nothing significant really happened in April or i can't seem to remember anything but well, i did blogged about another 10 things you don't know about me! From the success of the first post (Read it HERE!), i brainstormed and came up with another 10 things! If you want to know me as a person better, i would recommend you to start by reading both posts! (2nd post HERE) Gd luck! (:


Few months into using the BB 9000, they launched the new Blackberry 9780. So i thought it's time to upgrade to the latest model, which i'm still using now. (FYI: I'm still waiting for the latest 9900 to have the non cam version! I want the touch screen!!!) But honestly inside me, i would prefer the iPhone because of the camera and also the apps. If i'm going Uni, i'm so gonna get the iPhone!


Invited YZ, JL and Jiaqi to the RSAF Open house!

Even though i already went for it once on the first day, i thought it would be good to bring them to the RSAF open house to let them have an idea what's my job is about! It's not everyday you get to see fighter jets and helicopters parked right infront of your eyes, needless to say, TAKE OFF infront of you! It was even better than NDP! I think they enjoyed themselves as much as i did *beams* (:



It was more of a charity event organized by bloggers in singapore to raise funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and i was invited to be part of the creative sandwich making contest segment which i have to design a sandwich with a fellow reader! I did the angry birds design, but we did not win though! (Read the post HERE!) Proud that the event was a success!



Was brainstorming on what to get for my BFFs for their birthdays so i thought why not treat them for a 2D1N trip to Batam! We get to go overseas over the weekend and i don't have to think what to get for them, killing 2 birds with 1 stone! (but honestly, that "stone" is quite expensive! Getting a present would be SO MUCH cheaper, LOL) Nevertheless, we did enjoyed ourselves over the 2 days!



The last time i went to a National Day parade was when i was Primary 5! So when Yz said that she has extra tickets, i immediately say yes and invited my 2 BFFs along! The feeling is totally different compared to watching the parade infront of your TV at home! This year's goodie bag not very good!



It was a VERY impromptu decision to go Genting over the weekends. We booked out on a Friday, took the coach the following night, spent the weekends there, took the coach back on Sunday morning, booked in the following night. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! But we did had lots of fun! Entered the casino for the first time (lost 200 bucks...), took the Space shot ride (under peer pressure, LOL)


The KPOP fever hit Singapore recently and my favourite group, SHINEE came to SG for a concert! Even though i'm not that hardcore to queue for the tickets, i bought them online (at an even much cheaper price) and went for the concert with Joyce and Clarence! IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!



After 9 months of hard work, we finally made it and marched proudly on the SAFTI MI parade square infront of our friends and family. This journey hasn't been smooth sailing but the process is something that is forever in my memory. Even though we are now posted to different places, KEEP IN TOUCH!


Well, did not really have the intention of celebrating it because i felt that 22nd birthday isn't that significant compared to 18th and 21st but i gathered the lucky 7 people to have dinner with me over a Mind Cafe, bought a cake for myself and had a great night with them! Honestly, I think i'm going to stop celebrating from 23rd onwards, kinda lazy to plan my own birthday also. We shall see...


Took 2 weeks off from work and decided to head to phuket. Blogged about the trip recently. As mentioned, Phuket wasn't on my list of countries to go, but still, i did not regret as it was a whole new experience! ESPECIALLY THE SNORKELING! It was a good getaway with good company, i had Chris, his GF plus my BFF Nurul to go with me! Came back really tanned from the outdoor activities!


The crazy thing is, 2 days after my Phuket trip, i flew to Hong Kong for another holiday! I did not even managed to unpack my phuket luggage! Really made FULL use of my 2 weeks holiday. Thanks to Wendy who planned this trip because the guys were busy with settling our work stuff. Do look forward to my HK travelogue soon! P.s: I realised i went Hong Kong twice this year!!! I HK, LOL



Have been saying i want to revamp my room for the longest time but can't seem to find the time to sit down and plan properly on how i want my room to be. Money was also an issue because i wanted to change the entire room! Managed to plan out everything in November and i'm proud to say my room is ALMOST done! Might do a blog post and maybe a vlog on the revamp, in progress (:



One of my favourite month of the year because it's CHRISTMAS! It's also one of the month which i will spend most of my money getting presents for gift exchanges, but i always tell myself it's worth it because i get to meet everyone and celebrate christmas together! Gonna blog about my Christmas soon (but most likely it's gonna dragged till next year due to time constraint, oh wells :|)

Alright, this post concludes my 2011! Year 2012 is gonna be a busy year, especially at work but i still hope that i get to travel overseas more (planning for Japan during mid year!), get a girlfriend (who i hope can eventually be my wife, forward planning, LOL) and also see if my application for Uni is approve, earn more $$ and the list goes on and on... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

P.s: Do you think the world is seriously going to end on 21st December 2012?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Day 3 Nights Phuket getaway: Day 3!

After a day outdoor with the sun and the sea on Day 2, it's finally Day 3 of my Phuket travelogue! Here's the LINK to the previous day's post just in case you missed it. Are you ready for more?

Well, i ended the previous day's post saying i had food poisoning but still went for Thai massage. The massage was literally bone cracking. It was quite pain at first but it slowly became comfortable (except for some parts where they shifted your body position to some yoga style!) My masseur ended up asking if i'm feeling unwell because she felt that my body temperature was quite hottt :(

That night was terrible. I was having fever + had to wake up frequently due to diarrhea and nausea.

Couldn't sleep well that night, had a few panadols and still went on with Day 3 activities!

In Phuket, it's common to see motorbikes for rental. You can just rent them even if you don't have a license. I heard it's really cheap, maybe less than 30 bucks for a day with a full tank and refills are available everywhere. But i still think it's quite dangerous PLUS what if it get stolen then how?! GG.

For the first 2 days in Phuket, we were asking ourselves, they funny thing is "How come we are staying at Patong Beach but we have never thought of going to the beach?" So on the third day, we headed to the Patong beach first thing in the morning before we start our day activities!

HUGE ASS PHOTO OF ME (in my new Starbucks singlet) AND NURUL!

The view at the beach was super nice. Other than the clear waters, we get to see mountains and rocks. People having fun jet skiing, para-sailing, banana boat etc. Activities were quite expensive so we didn't try. Not forgetting we also saw a girl sun bathing topless totally in her own world, LOL

Jet skiing was around 750 Baht i think, which is about 30 dollars for 15 mins. Not worth it i guess.

Typical thing to do at the beach. Grab a stick, write some words on the sand and take photo, LOL

Chris, Nurul and Me under the sun! Love the view behind

They offer a chair with a umbrella shelter at 100 Baht ($4) for the whole day, best for those who intend to sun tan or read a book at the beach. We rented one to put our belongings and took turns to take a rest while we explore. Damn relaxing, can easily fall asleep. This kind of life is damn shiokk.

Spotted a HUGE jellyfish that got washed up shore! Quite amazed by it, LOL

There is this woman walking around with a box of fruits under the sun so i thought why not just buy something from her, so i bought a slice of watermelon which was HUGE and i think it cost only 50 Baht! Sweet and refreshing, definitely one of the best fruits to have in this kind of weather (:

From the beach, we took the catered mini van for our day activity (which we purchased the package from the nice lady on Day 1 if you can remember!) The package consist of Snake show, Monkey show and also 30 mins of elephant trekking! The journey to the place took around 20 mins...

The place is called "Phuket Safari" The package cost 600 Baht ($25)

First up would be the Snake show where they show us different type of poisonous snake like the king cobra, pythons and they do various stunts like agitate the snake, kiss the snake etc. Zzz

The trainer showing us the teeth of the snake! He even use a metal spoon to extract out the venom!

Next up would be the Monkey show! Honestly, i thought it was rather cruel to train the monkeys to do its trainers' bidding (i think i watch too much Planet of the Apes) The show was quite nice...

They made the monkeys untie ropes, throw basketballs, do push ups and back flips etc.

Doing the photo taking session, the monkey will auto climb to your head and sit down, LOL

A ang mo tourist letting the monkey drink water through a straw. Quite a cute scene, haha

Last but not least, elephant trekking!

Even though this is not my first time sitting on an elephant, there is still this fear whenever i stepped onto the elephant because it just feels so unstable! All they have is just this rope to "prevent" you from falling off the seat. It took around 5 mins before i calmed down and enjoy the trekking, LOL

Me and Nurul posing for the camera, i like this photo

Su Ping and Chris was shortly behind us. They like never struggle as much as me and nurul ley.

See! They happily enjoying the trekking.

I always thought the route was those normal straight route but i was wrong. The elephant went up and down steep slopes (it was really scary, if fall then really GG le!), into waters. Half the time i was hoping the trekking would come to an end as soon as possible. Like i had enough! Ending?

By the way, i was still feeling sick that day. Anyway, they fetched us back to the hotel after the trekking so we rested before another car came to fetch us for our night activity! Simon Cabaret!

Simon Cabaret is a well known show in Phuket. It features a spectacular musical floor show performed by the world famous "lady boys" of Simon Cabaret. We paid 600 baht for VIP seats!

I did the research online and this is one of the must watch in Phuket!

VIP seats ticket at 600 Baht ($25) each. We had the 3rd row from the front, really good seats!

Took a group photo before the show starts. No photo taking or videography allowed during the show so we kept our camera. I would say this show is definitely worth watching! They did musicals such as Burlesque, different cultures such as Korea. Their costumes are damn kua zhang and some of them (or should i say most of them) REALLY look like females! I stared at them for a really long time because a few of them really caught my attention. They are even prettier than real girls! OMG.

At the end of the show, all these performers will line up outside the theater for you to take photos with them, you must tip them at 25 Baht ($1) each, which i thought was rather reasonable...

Here's one of the photos i took with them! They very act chio, LOLOLOL

I was thinking in my mind, "Are they happy with their current life after their 'transformation'? Are they hiding something behind their smiles?" That's probably something i will never know. Anyway, that's not the end of Day 3, more photos with the lady boys and the exciting night life of Phuket to be revealed in the next post! Stay tuned for the last travelogue post.

P/s: Was still feeling unwell so i went to the pharmacy to get some pills that night :(

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