Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 resolutions! Opps, am i too late?

I know this should be done at the start of the year, or even before the start of a new year but then it's never too late to make resolutions! I did my resolutions for 2010 in THIS POST (clickable!) Even though i find it pointless cos i will forget them in awhile -__- But nevertheless, here's what i hope to achieve in 2011! I think some of them quite impossible, but who cares. It's just for fun only what (:

#1: Holidays, holidays and more holidays!

For 20 years of my life, the furthest i have went was Genting. Finally on the 21st year, i took a plane for the very first time (to Korea somemore!) and from that time onwards, i told myself - I want to travel to alot alot of places! Now that i'm quite financially stable because of my job, i think i can afford to travel around, so hopeful i can visit a few countries, provided my schedule allows. Oh! I'm going to Hong Kong next month!! Ocean Park, Disneyland, Tim sum here i come!!! I can speak Cantonese! LOL

#2: Get a driving license!

Ever since i turned 18, my dad have been asking me when am i going to get my driving license. I always give him the same reply, "When i win a car from a lucky draw" LOL I'm 22 this year and i still don't have a driving license. Honestly, i don't find there's a need for it now, it's like i don't have a car, so what's the point of having a license? I want to own my own car, not borrow the family car or what. Damn lazy to apply for dunno what BTT, FTT thing. Zzz (I always secretly think i can drive, LOL)

#3: Lasik to cure my eye sight!

Something that i always wanted to do. At least with my myopia cured, i can wear degree-less contact lens, sunglasses, 3D glasses and see things much clearly! I hate it when every time i go for a haircut, i forgot to wear contact lens! I have no idea what they are doing to my hair until they are done -__- I'm not sure if i can go for the surgery because of my job scope. Air force requires a different type of lasik.

#4: Commission as an officer!

Just in case you don't know, i'm still training to be an officer in the air force. The whole process takes about 9 months and if everything goes well, i will be commission as an officer in October! *prays*

#5: Get a degree!

I don't know why but suddenly i have an interest in continuing my studies. So i guess i will try my luck in apply for a degree in the latest Singapore institute of technology. Not really a MUST for me to get a degree though, but if i really heng get a placing, i would apply for scholarship from SAF! MUAHAHA


Every year i have this resolution but it never happens, but i got a feeling it's gonna work this year. It's like i'm getting a full time pay (which is quite alot) and i don't need that much amount of money for my expenses so i guess i can save like at least 1k per month? So at least 12k a year? Like abit little leh.

#7: Reply to comments and tweets!

#8: Blog more! Need i say more about this point?