Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Around de world: A Pasta Affair!

Booked out on a Friday night, decided to gather a few friends for catching up session over lunch! After the previous "With a pinch of salt" session, i suggested another concept cafe which is - Miss Clarity cafe but i kinda forgot where it is... So impromptu decision, decided to head to Around De World!

Around De World is located along Liang Seah Street, opposite Bugis Junction.

I always liked how cafes/ restaurants use chalk to draw out their menu!

ADW is featured in Magazines too! Can't really read those chinese words so figure out yourself!

A small little cozy outlet, decorated according to theme. I want a cafe too!

Our drinks comes in cute little pitcher! So tempted to smuggle them home, LOL

"Look! There's a smiley face in my soup!"

Everytime i dine at a new place, i can't help but order more because there's always a lot of items in the menu that sounds damn nice. In the end, just order lor. Here's what we ordered:

Cheesy Bolo fries ($3.90) Pizza Bites ($4.90)

Can't remember what pasta we ordered. ($7.90 to $14.90)

Teriyaki Chicken Rice ($8.90) Something Baked rice (can't remember!)

In the end our table filled with lots of food! I remember still got some cannot finish lor!

One last group photo to end our trip at Around De World.

By the way, this is not an advertorial (although it sound like one.) In fact, none of my food post are adverts. If you realised in all (or most) of my food posts, i only state what food items i ordered, but i did not comment on how nice/bad the food is. So this is not a review, just blogging for fun