Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awfully Chocolate?!

Everytime i walk pass Awfully chocolate, i always wondered how their things taste like. But then i got kinda turn off when i look at the price of their cakes and ice cream. They have this Super Stacked Cake which cost $6.50 for 100gm (which sounds quite expensive) so one day i stood outside their outlet and saw them SLICE the cake. I was like, "WAH LAOOOOO, THAT'S 100GM MEH!" O.O

Nevermind about that. One day, i finally decided to try it myself.

I was thinking to myself, since people are willing to pay for it, the chocolate must be good.

Once again, I repeat. I like how cafe/ restaurants to draw out their menu!

The items available in their outlet

Dying to try anyone of them? LOL

Their ice cream comes in this little designer-ish paper cup! Damn nice! (The design)

Can't really decide what i want but in the end, I ordered 100gm of the Super Stacked Cake (turn out to be around 110gm) and a scoop of their signature chocolate ice cream! Cost around 12 bucks?

My verdict? The ice cream is good, and definitely worth the money, but the cake is so-so only. Feels like thick chocolate cake lor. For that price, i think it's not that worth it. I was given the option to warm it up, perhaps a warm chocolate cake would go better with the ice cream? Maybe next time (0r not?) (:

Have you tried Awfully chocolate before?