Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mcdonalds Miniatures FB game!

For the past few days i've been playing this on Facebook!

The McDonald's Miniatures!

Basically it's like those arcade game whereby you have to position the 'claw' on top of your prize and try to catch the prize! In this case, McDonald's items! They have like the Quarter pounder (50 points! Gone in a blink of an eye), Big Mac (30 points, see them once in awhile), Filet O fish (20points, heng heng then can see one), Coffee (15 points, most of the time it's there), Apple pie (10 points, always there) and French fries (5 points, forever there.) Highest point at the end of the day wins! :D

But it's not easy at all. You get 10 credits every hour so basically every hour you have to be on your laptop catching item and you have to be fast cos the burgers are gone REALLY REALLY FAST. (You need them to win!) In other words, you can forget about sleeping if you want to win. FYL tyvm.

Obviously i'm not insane about the game because i rather sleep -__-

and i can get them from McDonald's if i want at $2.50 each, LOL

Wait, did i mention the winner of the game gets the whole set for free?!