Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting a Blackberry: Was it a right choice?

Before i enlisted into Army, i told myself i need to get a good phone that allows me to "keep in touch" with the outside world, meaning i can check my email, check my twitter and facebook etc. The only choice for non camera phones during that time was either the HTC snap or the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

I went to look around for non cam BB 9700 and only Starhub has it, which cost 700 BUCKS without contract! The HTC? 400 only. After using the HTC snap 6 months, i would say it's not bad afterall...


Even though the Snap has served me well, there are still times where it gets laggy and hangs on me. Finally one day (which is yesterday), i couldn't take it anymore and decided to change to a Blackberry. I know the latest BB is like the bold 9700, but i dislike the button for being so small, so i would rather get the bold 9000 instead. I always wanted a white BB because i feel that it looks so much better!

Anyone feels the same as me?

But then it's super damn difficult to find a white Bold 9700 that is non camera. (I bet starhub don't even have it now!) So i decided to settle down for a normal one instead but while walking around bedok central, i discovered this RARE full black blackberry, which is like limited edition or something!

It's totally BLACK and it's ORIGINAL! It was like love at first sight! LOLOLOLOLOL

So i considered for a moment and bought it. That's when the drama begins. Everyone says that you need to apply for the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) so that you can download apps, use the BBM etc. I thought since i'm using a Blackberry now, technically i should apply for it too. Right Right?

So these are the BIS plans available for me to choose from:

I was only staring at the BIS Social and BIS value.

I was wondering, what's the diff between the BIS social and BIS value, both is 1GB what. So i decided to give the care center a call for their advice...
Operator 1: Actually there's not much difference between the 2 plans. You still can access to BBM, access the AppWorld etc with the BIS Social. Social = access to twitter, FB, MSN etc.
So i was like, "Okay, since without the BIS i cannot BBM or use the apps like ubertwitter... Why not apply for the BIS too? But i already have a 1GB data plan contract, so can i convert to the BIS?"
Operator 1: Sorry, you can't convert. You have to pay for the plan ON TOP of your current data plan and phone plan and you can't cancel because your data plan has 11 months left. (like wtf?) You can use both the data plan, the previous one for surfing and the BIS for BB services.
I need time to consider so i said i will call back to confirm...

THE NEXT DAY (which is today!)

I was playing with my BB and i noticed this weird shape beside the 3G at the top of the screen... It's like a BB logo, so i went to my BBM, ubertwitter and realised it's all WORKING. Before you start feeling happy for me, please scroll back up and read what i said before i hang up the phone on Operator 1 -.-

Operator 2: It seem like during your phone call yesterday, you wanted the BIS social service so we activated it for you. (FML!)
I was like, "WTF! (obviously i did not shout it in the phone -.-)" Oh wells, since the damage is already done, i shall just leave it and pay that extra $5.35 per month. After putting down the phone, i played around with the BBM, ubertwitter etc and then i realised, HOW COME I CANNOT ACCESS TO THE INTERNET?! The operator said i can use both plans together, just switch the dunno-what APN thingy!

I IMMEDIATELY CALLED 1688 AGAIN. (I think i got a bad record in their system now)
Operator 3: You cannot use both data plans together. BIS social doesn't allow you to surf the net. Only BBM, social network apps. You can't change the APN, you can only use the BIS. I would suggest you get the BIS 3GB which allows you to use the BB services as well as surf the net.
Must i paste this image again -__-

Now they want me to get the $24.90 BIS 3GB plan on top of my 1GB data plan. FML

At that point of time, i wanted to crush my phone or just sell it to any 2nd hand shop and get my HTC snap back. (I traded in my HTC snap) I almost gave up. After 5 hours of Saga, going to the Singtel shop physically thinking i would get an answer. I went home and I CALLED 1688 AGAIN.
Operator 4: Ok, we will help you cancel your BIS. It'll take one working day. Thank you.
Everything happened within these 2 days. I guess i shall just live with my BB with my original 1GB data plan which allows me to surf the net normally and use 3rd party apps, nothing change except for the phone. Find the BBM quite useless anyway, why can't you just sms? Read and deliver only what.

I'M A BB USER! without bbm -__-