Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Studio Makeover Scam?

Ok lah, it's not really a scam lah. I should say, it's an "interesting" and "clever" way to earn $$. So i decided to blog about it! The story begins like this, This afternoon, i received a call from xxx studio:

Hi, is this Andy? I'm calling from xxx studio. Recently your friend, ABC signed up for a makeover session and has recommended you to come for a COMPLIMENTARY session which includes a few change of wardrobe, make up, hair styling etc and we would be taking photos for you! You can also bring your family members or friends along for this session if you want! It's FREEEE (:
Yeah, it sounds too good to be true right? I just replied her, "Hmm, i'll consider. I'll call you back later (say in a cheerful tone)" LOL The next thing i did is to call my that friend who recommended me.

Random photo #1.

So it was true that my friend (Let's just call her ABC) went for the makeover session and recommended me since she thought that i love to take photos so why not? Yeah, every doubt seem resolved now but here's the catch! The Makeover session is COMPLIMENTARY (No scam, no nothing), they will even give you one printed out 4R shot BUT if you would like to get the rest of the photos, it's around 14 BUCKS each for the soft copy! (Keyword: EACH) So my friend got like 10 photos, so around $140?

Random photo #2

Trust me, if you were there, most likely you would get the photos. It's like seeing chio photos of yourself but you can't have it! It's not every time you get good shots of yourself leh, might as well pay so you can get a copy of it and keep it for life? That would be the mentality of most people... Right?

Random photo #3

Well, that's what i learnt today. Unless you are those strong willed ones, who can go through the whole makeover session, after that look through stunning photos of yourself that you never thought you can actually look like that, take that one piece of complimentary 4R shot of yourself and go, then you should go for the experience! Unless you are Steven lim, then that's another story...

Because you will never look good in photos, so don't bother buying ;)

P.s: The above 3 photos of me taken at the railway is damn nice right!!!