Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trip to Underwater World!

When was the last time you went to the Underwater world? That Saturday was supposed to be trip to JB for my very first time but suddenly the idea of going to the Underwater world was brought up and being super fickle minded us, we hesitated for a long time and decided to head to Sentosa instead! :D

JB trip turned Sentosa Underwater world outing with Yingzi, Jing Long and Jiaqi! ♥

It was so much more accessible last time when there's still the monorail, now we have to take bus to travel around the islands. My new swivel screen samsung cam = more group photos! Yayyyyyyyy!

Got a shock of our lives. JUST LOOK AT THE QUEUE!

Actually it's because we went during the promotion period. Tickets to the underwater world is around 22 bucks but admission was only $14.60 during that period, which explains the huge crowd. Zzz

Random: 2 little Japanese girl taking photos with snakes! Cuteeeeee



First thing first is the little touch pool whereby we can touch the small stingrays!

Followed by the tunnel, which is filled with a gazillion people from all over the world -__-

The tunnel! The last time i went to Underwater world was when i was in pri school? But everything still looks EXACTLY the same, no change at all! But then it's quite cool to be able to see sharks, huge stingrays, lots and lots of beautiful fishes all over again. It's not like an everyday thing what (:

Another group shot! This time change of background, LOL

Sambal Stingray with the smiley face (:

Me bringing the "little" kids out for an excursion! AHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

This HUGE and really ugly fish swam past and they were like, "Faster take! Faster take!!"

Beautiful jellyfish! Damn chio, how can we not take a photo with them!

Squeezed our way all the way to the front like a kiasu Singaporean for this shot!

Horsea!!! No wait, that's the pokemon name. I meant, Sea horse!!! I find it quite useless.

Next up, we went to the Dolphin Lagoon for the water show! From what i remember, it used be at one of the beaches but now they moved it to the Underwater world instead. No need to travel so far! :D

Talented seals doing their usual tricks! Quite entertaining, but i was distracted by...

THE PINK DOLPHINS AT THE SIDE!!!! Ok, they are not very pink though.

Woohoooo! Show mama you can jump through the hoop! *splash* LOL

3 dolphins performing together in sync! I dolphins, so cute!!!!

"Can i have a dolphin pleaseeeeee" I wonder how long they can stay out of water...


TA-DAH! Can you spot them! Ok, lameee ttm -__-'''

Went back into Underwater World to see the HUGE Stingray touching pool!

Damn scary! The stingrays are like so freakin' big! Can serve dunno
how many servings of sambal stingray at those zi char store lor!

Alright, shall end this post with this photo of a cuter stingray! Had lots of fun!