Saturday, January 8, 2011

Xmas meetup with Rinn, Hui xin, Keith and Manda! ♥

Ok, this is seriously overdue but i still wanna blog about meeting with my best friends for Christmas! If i ever drag this post longer, i bet it will drag all the way to Chinese New year! (Fyi: There's still one more christmas post coming up!) Like every other year, Rinn, Keith, Manda, hx and me (Peggy's not free this year), we would meet up every year during christmas for gift exchange! Hope we can go on! ♥

Couldn't come up with the gift exchange system so i just wrote our names on paper :D

So who got whose!

Individual shots with our little slips of paper!

Everyone happy with their presents!

December is the month where i spent the most money getting gifts for gift exchange sessions but i guess it's worth it because i gift exchange!!! Christmas is the only time we get to "officially" buy presents for others and get back some yourself! As much as my most hated gift is getting chocolates but i still don't mind receiving it, at the most i will just open up the chocolates for everyone to share!

We pasted our slip of paper on our drinks out of random, LOL

Happy Rinn with the fleece that i last minute-ly got from Uniqlo!

As always, one group photo before leaving the place ♥

I think in all my christmas posts, you will always spot this purple xmas tree at Orchard ion!

Everytime i go out with Rinn, i will get her to bring her DSLR for me to play!

That's all for this post! One last christmas post and i'm done!