Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 2! 初二

Time for Day 2! Every year, my 3rd aunt would organise a Chinese New Year party at her house without fail, so everyone in the family would spend our 初二 at her house! It seems like every year we would go to different place because she keep shifting house! From a HUGE HUGE bungalow and from condos to condos! (So envy!) I want to stay in a condo next time too! Damn shuang can! *set aim*

My mum decorated our house's bar counter with this cat and lots of CNY goodies! 新年快乐

Camwhore with my sis again! Wore more casual since we are not visiting anywhere else.

Caught on camera by my dad! (That iPhone 4 was supposed to be mine!!! LOL)

CNY GOODIES CORNER!!! This time got more varieties and BAK GUA!!!!!

My auntie very clever. Cut into small small pieces so that we won't take "one big square", LOL

Lunch was prepared for us also! Not really to my liking though *continue eating bak gua*

My cute little nephew (Gosh, i'm an uncle -.-) helping to poke the toothpick into the jelly!

Group shot with my cousin! Thanks to my swivel screen, we can take self shots :D

The day before was Scrabbles. 2nd day is Monopoly. Quite boring so we moved on to...

MONOPOLY DEAL!!! The winning combination! MUAHAHA

As usual, the adults were "ban luck-ing" outside in the living room!

We had our own mini ban luck-ing session in the room too! With me being the banker!
But only 20 cent/ round -__-

ROCK BAND IN DA HOUSE!!! My cousins got the whole set! Guitar + Mic + Drums!

My little nephew wants to have a go at the drums too! Awwwww~ AHAHAHHAHAHHA

Having fun with rock band! Honestly, it's quite difficult to play! (Esp. the drums!)

Claradead (lead drummer) Kelly (lead singer) ANdyStorm (Lead guitarist) MUAHAHA

(You will understand why after looking at the photos below!)

My sis caught me on camera trying to take photos while lou hei-ing, LOL

I look forward to the lou hei session at my 3rd aunt house every year because it's so damn crazy!!! Everyone would just fling the yu sheng up down left right, into someone's hair, into someone's clothes, damn funny de! The whole thing become like a war zone. Veggies everywhere!!!!! Then we will anyhow shout blessings in Cantonese, can totally feel the family warmth. Love the feeling!

That's why i love every single lou hei session and would not hesitate to buy one set if i go for group visiting or steamboat. The money spent just to see everyone join in is definitely super worth it! (:

Clara's hand kena all the flying veggie! (I suddenly thought of veggie samurai! LOL)

WAR ZONE. I think after the lou hei, the yu sheng left one quarter only. AHAHHAHAHA

BEST INSTAX PHOTO TAKEN DURING CNY! This instax got the most CNY feel de!!!

End of CNY day 2!