Monday, February 14, 2011

V'day special: Comment and get a box of Royce from me!

Today is 14th February, which is also known as Valentine's day! So before i continue...

*Send flying kiss to everyone, muack muack*


Decided to last minute do a Valentine's Day Special Giveaway to my female readers out there and today might just be your lucky day! (Gosh, i'm freakin' excited while typing this!!!) Can i scream!!!!!!!!!!
So here's the catch, all you have to do is just drop me a comment on this post saying "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ANdyStorm!" and include your email address and you might be the one winning a box of delicious Royce chocolate from me! AND guess what? I'll be meeting you personally at one of Royce's outlet, on the spot buy a box from the store and give it to you! Somebody say YAYYY! LOL

I'm going to Hong Kong on Wednesday, and will only be back on Sunday. So on SUNDAY night, i will approve that lucky girl's comment, and very soon that girl will be receiving an email from me for the meetup! So what are you waiting for! Just type ""HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ANdyStorm!" (or copy and paste if you are that lazy) at the comment box below, include your email address (you can also include your twitter if you want me to tweet you!) and wait for the results on Sunday night, Good luck!

P.s: Deadline is on 20th Feb, Sunday at 7pm, and this is only for girls!