Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vlog: What's in ANdyStorm's Bag?

Since god knows when, i always wanted to do a post on "What's in my bag?" but i keep forgetting! I want to do it like in a magazine style like what you see in mags like 8days but then i was too lazy to photoshop the magazine layout (FML) then if i were to blog about it normally, it seem abit boring. (Like who cares what's in my bag?!) So i decided to do a Vlog instead! Just in case you live in a well or under some kind of shell, and have no idea what Vlog means, it's Video + Blogging. Dumbass -__-

Without further ado, enjoy the video! :D

Remember during the part where i took out my netbook and said i rather it was an iPad?


Feel like doing another vlog on "10 questions from my Formspring!" so if you have any burning questions you wanna ask me, it's time!!! Who knows i might be including YOUR question in my vlog!