Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year Day 1! 初一

YAYYYY! I'm finally done editing all the photos for this year's Chinese New Year! Like 60 over photos! There's gonna be a total of 3 post, mainly the first 3 days of CNY! So how did you spent your CNY this year? Mine was rather fruitful. I managed to fully (or should i say over? Planning #Fail) utilized all my 4 days! Oh wait, 5 days cos i took leave for Monday as well!!! MUAHAHA Ok, let's start with Day 1!

Camwhore shot #1. 10% photoshop. LOL

Dragged my sis into taking a photo with me so this post isn't all about just me :D

Dragged my whole family for a family shot using self timer! Very long never take family shot le!

Instax with my mum! ♥ (Some CNY plant she got from the market at the back, LOL)

Was busy mahjong-ing that i forgot to take photo so i randomly googled this :P

First stop was my grandma (mother's side), every year we would go to her house for lunch! One of my cousins randomly suggested playing mahjong, no harm since it's for leisure. I was super happy when i won the first 3 rounds! Then one of my cousins said, "You damn heng lor, like that won $8 already~" Then i realised, THEY WERE PLAYING REAL MONEY!!! Nah, lady luck went away, and i won only 50 cents in the end. It was one of the most torturous mahjong session in my life because my grandma made me play throughout the 4 "winds", so many rounds that i almost died. *wipe sweat* LOLOLOL

Next stop was the other grandparent's side! (my dad's!)

Lots and lots of Chinese new year goodies contributed by my aunties uncles! nom nom nom

Dinner prepared for us. But not to my liking so i stuffed myself with CNY goodies, LOL

My cousins and i entertaining ourselves by playing Scrabble on my iPad!

The adults gambling outside at the living room! That's my dad - who is also the banker T_T

ANG POW. I LOVE ANG POW! (Till today, i haven't open a single one of them, haha)

LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! My cousins and i trying to mimic our old photo! DAMN CUTE!!!

I brought my instax camera along for all 4 days, love all the shots! ♥

Late dinner with my family at Mcdonalds at around 11+! nom nom nom

Decided to get one of the Miniatures, and chose Fries in the end! I think it's the nicest :D

Alright, that's all for Day 1!