Monday, March 14, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe at Somerset 313!

This is another super long ago overdue post! I have a habit of editing the photos, upload it to my photobucket, paste them in a new blog post, save as draft and totally forgot about the post. FML

Anyway, i was passing by Somerset and i saw this cute cafe that is Snoopy theme! The first thing that came to my mind was, "OMG, i must bring Kai xin here!" (because she's a HUGE fan of snoopy) so i immediately called Jiaqi and told her we must bring Kai xin there and on that very evening, we dropped by Charlie Brown cafe, located at 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk) (:

A little Cafe hidden at the side of Somerset 313 (:

Love the Wallpaper! I wish i can paste this on my room's wall...

Camwhore shot #1

Mango Smoothie in a Charlie Brown cafe cup! No? Not special enough?

How bout Snoopy cocoa design on your crepe!!! So 不舍得 eat!!

They can even make the snoopy design onto your whipped cream in your drink!!! Awww~

Yingzi ordered Salmon Sandwich but she wants it w/o the veggies, so the counter boy decided to give her more salmon! It's like overflowing from the croissant!!! She very happy about it that night, LOL

We took out our monopoly deal cards and started playing while eating (Another couple beside us was also playing) but after playing for quite a while, one of the staff came up to us and said, "I'm sorry but you can't play your cards here. We only have the food license, and not the gaming license" Honestly, that's the first time i'm hearing that. In my mind i was like, "Are you trying to chase us away because we are hogging the seats?" (The cafe was like 3/4 empty btw) We had to keep our cards.

Happy Kai xin with the HUGE snoopy at the counter! :D

Group shot #1. See Kai xin damn happy to be at the Cafe. Double twist somemore, LOL

Group shot #2. There she go with the double twist again! LOLLOLOLLOL

Group shot #3. One of the staff volunteered to help us take this shot (:

I would say Charlie Brown Cafe would be quite a good place to chill out after a day in town. You can just drop by, get a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee and have some food with your friends. Girls (and maybe guys) can squeal in delight when they get their food with the snoopy design on it too, LOL Overall quite a cool concept for fans. I would appreciate if they can get the "gaming license" though.

If it really exist.