Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have you tried Skinny Pizza?

After much anticipation to try out Skinny Pizza, Jing long, Jiaqi, Gisiang and i finally decided to drop by their Wheelock outlet to give their pizzas a try! Address: 501 Orchard road, Wheelock Place #03-04

So is it just like any other pizza?

We ordered #1: Ham and Cheese Pizza.

This has got to be one of the most "original" ham and cheese pizza that i have ever eaten. The crust of the pizza is actually a thin piece of cracker, very crispy! Generous serving of Ham and real slabs of cheese! Hate the tomatoes though Reasonable price too. I would definitely want to try it again!

#2: Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza

Lots and lots of mushrooms on the same crispy thin crust. Feel almost like we're eating snails.

There's a side combo. 3 sides of a price. So we ordered Fries, Spicy Sausages and...

Sweet Potato Sticks! Which is amazingly nice! Especially with the sugar coating :D

Forgot to charge my camera, thank god for my instax for group photos! :D