Saturday, March 26, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 1

Continued from the Prelude (Click HERE to read the Prelude if you haven't!) After 4 hours on the plane, we finally arrived at Hong Kong! The pilot announced that the weather was Cloudy at 12 degrees. super cooling. The immigration queue was super long, after queuing for about 15 to 20 mins...

Arrived at Hong Kong on the 16th of Feb 2011! OMG. It has been a month!

The amount of money that i brought there to spend! Exchange rate was SGD1 = HKD5.7!

The MTR card also known as the Octopus card! For tourists who will be traveling alot in Hong Kong via the MTR, it's highly recommended that you get the 3 day tourist pass (2 way airport transfer + 3 days unlimited ride on the MTR) it cost HK300 (SGD$49.50) and if you return the card at the end of the 3 days, you get a HK50 refund back. Trust me, it's easier and much more convenient this way (:

The amount of brochures that we took from the airport! All sorts of chapalang information!

We purchased the Octopus card from the airport and took the Airport express train to Kowloon (around 20 mins) After which, we took a short cab ride to our hotel! I can converse in Cantonese!

Ta-dah! This is the hotel that we stayed in. It's not easy to find a hotel room that can fit 3 people! In order for 3 adults to stay in the same room, most hotels will suggest adding an additional bed in the room (that's what we did in KL!) But thank god we found Oriental Lander which has the Superior triple room! 3 single size bed in one room! But honestly, i was warned by many people before this trip, they say the hotel rooms in Hong Kong are ALWAYS small. True enough. Now i believe.

Yah see doing the checking in. P.s: I can't believe i did not take any photos of the room. FML

The Octopus card comes with this mini MTR map which i pasted in my notebook, damn useful!

STREETS OF HONG KONG!!!! Known for their overflowing of neon signage.

Lunch was the first thing in our itinerary so we walked around the streets to look for dim sum! You would think that it's very easy to find Dim sum in Hong Kong but guess what? IT'S NOT. We literally have to search for it and found this ulu stall! I saw the "long" (the container the holds the dim sum) outside the stall then i realise they serve dim sum! The price range from around HK11 to HK13 (:

We ordered Chee cheong fun, Char siew bao, har gor, siew mai and chinese sausage bun!

Within 15 mins, everything was gone. That's how hungry we were! I think it taste quite normal ley.

I always wanted to try this and i finally got to taste it!!! It's like my favourite snack for the 4 days!

Everytime in HK dramas, we keep hearing, "temple street, temple street, Miao jie, Miao jie" Like as if every neighbourhood is located at temple street. Btw, Temple street is "Miao jie" in chinese. So we decided to drop by temple street to take a look! Anyway, Temple street is located near Jordan MTR.

I don't know if we are too early or what. Temple street is kinda boring. I guess it should be some kind of night market, it feels just like Petaling street in KL! But lesser stuff. As i said, maybe we were too early. They were still preparing their stalls. Correct place, wrong timing. Maybe it's really boring.

GONG CHA IN HONG KONG! Nah, i don't like Gong cha. (Cos i don't drink tea!)

Does this 2 signage looks familiar? Guardian and Shop N Save. LOLOLOLOLOL

Decide to move out from temple street and go to the next place of our itinerary! Avenue of Stars which is located at East Tsim Sha Tsui! Apparently we can see the famous waterfront skyline that we always see in HK drama/ movies at the Avenue of stars! Have to walk quite a distance though :(

Ta-dah! Does this scene looks familar! It was damn hazy that day, 12 degrees leh!

We've come to the Avenue of Stars! That's Bruce lee by the way.

Group shot! You have no idea how cold it is. We were literally shivering behind our smiles!

Throughout the whole day, i think i'm the only one wearing shorts. Cold Die Me.

Avenue of Stars is built to honour the celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry (:

That's Aaron Kwok's hand print and signature on the floor!

Love this photo. Anyhow-ly adjusted the manual mode of my camera and BOOMZ.

Saw this HUGE Mickey mouse along the Avenue of Stars so we decided to take a photo with it!

Feeling damn cold, we headed back to the MTR station and went to look for dinner! I can't remember which MTR station we stopped at. All i know is that when we stepped out of the station, we saw...

LV, GUCCI, PRADA, MARC JACOBS and many many other famous brands!!!

This is probably the most Singapore look-alike shopping center in Hong Kong!

We then left that place and headed to Yau Ma Tei in search for dinner!

After walking streets after streets, we finally went into this stall...

Yah see's meal: Luncheon meat noodles with HK Yuan yang (coffee + tea)

Nurul's and mine: Chicken Chop rice and egg with tomato sauce!

After dinner (which is already like 9pm+) we decided to WALK BACK to our hotel because we think we know the way. The keyword is THINK. So we walked and walked for like 20 mins. Felt a sense of accomplishment though. Alright, That's all for Day 1. Get ready for Day 2, Trip to OCEAN PARK!