Monday, March 21, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Prelude!

After 2 weeks of procrastination after i came back from Hong Kong, i'm finally going to blog about my trip! Hong Kong is somewhere which i always wanted to go since young, no thanks to the influence of HK dramas and looking through the old photos taken during my parent's trip when i was a baby. I can still remember the photo of the Killer whale they took at Ocean Park! I want to see them in real life!

Throughout all these years, being such a noob. I still thought there's killer whales at Ocean park but after googling, i realised the killer whale died in 1997. So now there's only seals and dolphins. FML

Nevertheless, with or without the Killer whales, i still want to visit Hong Kong! I want to go to the Ocean park, visit Disneyland, eat authentic Dim sum, try their Wanton mee and many many more things to do! So like one month before the trip, i randomly sms-ed my BFFs Nurul and Yah see if they want to go on a overseas getaway, and decided on visiting Hong Kong and soon we started planning!

Being the most excited one, I did most of the research, finding of hotels, comparing air fares, find out places to go, transport in HK, current exchange rates, weather forecast, practically everything!

So without further ado, here's Day 1 in 香港 Hong Kong!

One day before the actual trip! Wanted to bring just a normal bag but Nurul suggested that we all bring our HUGE luggage so that we can all fit our things in without bringing back any additional bag!

In the end i only used up like 1/4 of my luggage! Still got so much space left!

Met up with BFFs early in the morning at the Airport! Did i mention we are taking S'pore Airlines? When we first decided to go to Hong Kong, i immediately went to check the air fares. Tiger Airways is definitely a no no for me because of the stories i've read. Initial plan was to take Jetstar but i randomly went to the SIA website and thought, "Why not pay abit more and fly comfortably?" So i psycho-ed my BFFs to take Singapore Airlines instead! Taking A380 leh! I think it's so much better lor! LOLOLOLLOL

9.40am Flight to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines A380 Economy class! WOOHOOOO~

Our kua zhang HUGE luggage just for a 4 days 3 nights trip! Nurul's one is HUGEEE!

Ta-dah! Our boarding tickets! First time taking SQ! *excited*

Our 2nd BFFs overseas trip! Looking forward to the 3rd! Going further and further~

Decided to head down to Ya kun to have breakfast before boarding! nom nom nom


That's our plane! The once highly raved A380! The largest plane ever! (am i correct?)

I'm so excited there's in flight personal entertainment!!!! The previous time i went on Korean airlines to Seoul, there's no personal in-flight entertainment AT ALL. Just a TV infront of everyone. So you can imagine 7 long hours doing nothing but sleeping, eating, looking around, and stoning -__-

You will see alot of group photos in my HK post, thanks to my Samsung Ex1 swivel screen!

Blackjack on the plane!!! (Yes... I'm holding the controller upside down in the photo -__-)

"The clouds are so fluffy that i'm gonna dieeeeee!" I the Window seat!

The flight takes about 4 hours, and since our flight is from 9.40am to around 1.40pm, brunch is served! Scrambled egg with sausage and hashbrown! Now that's the difference between budget airline and commercial airline! Nice seats, in-flight entertainment and FOOD onboard!!! Worth it ;)

Group shot! I'm wearing the headphone cos i was watching a movie, fully utilized! LOL

I think i damn suay because the ceiling above my seat was leaking -__- The steward offer me a cloth to wipe off the water and explained that it might be the condensation that might have cause the leak. BUT i was thinking, wiping it once doesn't mean it will stop leaking what. So being very Singaporean, i took out a plaster from my wallet and stick it where the water is leaking. Unglam much, Opps. LOL

Alright, that's all for my prelude. Now tighten your seat belts, and wait for HK Day 1 post!

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