Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come have ice cream with me this Saturday!

Recently i was invited for a ice cream tasting session at Soft! Softserve ice cream located at Downtown east #01-23! How can i resist free ice cream!!! This store at Downtown east is their flagship store and they recently opened a kiosk at Hougang mall. So what's so special about them?

Throughout the 1 hour+ session, there's a steady flow of customers, all spoiled for choice!

Tip of the iceberg. Can you believe there are over 40 different concoctions?!

The shop assistant preparing the ice cream for us!

Top: Straits Chendol, Godzilla Max. Bottom: Sesame way, Zara Mango.

I like how they add in a local twist to their ice cream. A good example would be the Straits Chendol! Red bean paste, chendol jelly & gula malaka, how often do we see them serve with ice cream? I think aunties will definitely like it! Godzilla max is definitely for chocolate lovers! (Chocolate fudge, Oreo crumbs & Milo powder!) How bout Sesame way? Red bean paste, sunflower seed, sesame paste!

The thing about Soft! is that you don't get to choose what you want in the ice cream, therefore you are being "forced" to accept and you will be surprised by how everything blends perfectly! Imagine have sponge cake in your ice cream! Or cereals! My favourite for the day goes to...


This is definitely one of the most unique ice cream that i have ever tried! It consist of Butterscotch, Maldon organic seasalt and Ritz cracker crumbs! Sounds quite normal but this ice cream is actually SALTY because of the sea salt! Every mouth is refreshing. Both sweet and salty at the same time.

Love the colourful cereals! Never thought of eating it with ice cream before!

They gave me this little media kit which consist of this cute little booklet that tells you which ice cream concoction you should have at different situations! Here's an example:

Does it really help? You will have to find it out yourself (:

In the media kit, there's also 5 "Complimentary happiness!" which i'm gonna share with you!!!

If you think you are free this Saturday (30th April) at around noon time, and would like to tryout one of Soft! soft serve ice cream with me at downtown east, drop me a comment below with your name, email and twitter by Friday, 29th April, 5pm! I will be choosing 5 readers to have ice cream with me!

Start commenting now! :D