Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another 10 things about me you don't know!

From the success of my previous "10 things you don't know about me!" (Click here to read!) which i blogged in 2009. I always wanted to do a similar post so finally, here's ANOTHER 10 things you don't know about me so that you guys can know me better! Hope you guys enjoy reading this post! ♥♥♥

Fact #1: I always order Wanton mee but i don't eat the wanton!

I know it sounds abit stupid. It's like ordering Chicken rice but not eating the chicken but i really don't eat the wanton what! I like the noodles and the char siew and you can't order just Char siew noodles right? (Or maybe you can? I never try before, LOL) I always give my wantons to my friends! :D

Fact #2: I ALWAYS use 2 pieces of toilet paper at once.

I always wonder if i'm the only one who do that. I don't care how good quality, how many ply the toilet paper has, i will still use 2 pieces. It's like safer just in case... Ok, i shall not go into the details. LOL

Fact #3: Running is my no.1 most hated sport.

I like walking though. I don't mind walking long distances, especially at night when i can reflect on myself. But running is so damn irritating!!! Especially 2.4km, ZOMG. I almost died when i had to run 5km and 7km during army training. But if we don't meet the timing, we have to stay back on Friday nights. So lan lan suck thumb and run like a dog lor. My next IPPT is coming in a few weeks. GG

Fact #4: I have SEVERE motion sickness!

I know the above photo doesn't really show it. Since young, i had motion sickness. I would feel like vomiting everytime i take a cab because it jerks alot and when i take motion simulators, i will feel giddy. Alot of problems de lah. Hate it to the max. But i think mine is not the worse. My friend's brother would straightaway vomit ONCE he open the taxi's door. Now that's really serious. LOL

Fact #5: My favourite drink is Pepsi light or Coke light.

In fact, this is the only 2 soft drinks i would drink. If you ever see me drink other soft drinks instead of Pepsi/ coke light, the likely reasons is because these 2 drinks are not available. Alot of people always suan me say it won't make much difference, there's still sugar blah blah blah. Nah, I don't care (:

Fact #6: I HATE trying jeans/shorts outside.

I think alot of guys feel the same way as me. It's just TOO MUCH hassle to take off our shorts/ jeans just to try on another pair and put on back your own one. Honestly, i would rather get my size, bring home and if it doesn't really fit (which is normally won't be the case) then bring it back to exchange lor.

Fact #7: I'm an Apple fan but i HATE itunes.

Other than the apple products that i'm holding in the photo above. I also own the 2nd gen clip-on iPod shuffle and the 1st gen iPod nano. I just forgot where i put them -.- I love how they are so easy to use BUT i really hate the part where i have to transfer stuff using itunes. Why can't they just use the normal "drag and drop" method just like everyone else?! Why must act one ATAS! Ma fan. Zzz.

Fact #8: I love ice mountain mineral water!

I couldn't get the actual bottle in time so i decided to photoshop the logo on another plastic bottle! If you watched my "What's in my bag" video, you would have know this is my favourite mineral water. Alot of people say there's no difference in taste but THERE IS! Really! Some got really weird taste!

Fact #9: I have an unopened blogshop!

I'm not sure how many of you know it but i really have an unopened blogshop! It was done during my poly days with Claire. Everything was setup nicely (I LOVE THE CONCEPT!), suppliers, everything done! But i think we were just lazy to open. Check it out at! In the end we wore all the instocks that we were supposed to sell on our blogshop. So failure. LOL


Most people hate lizards or cockroaches but mine are ANTS! Lizard or cockroach normally roam in ones so you can easily kill them and forget about them after awhile. BUT for ants, if you spot them in a small bunch, like 5. YOU KNOW THERE'S GONNA BE MORE! I will just overturn my whole room, or even quietly follow them just to find the 'nest' and exterminate them! DIE ANTS DIE!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

Alright! That's another 10 things you know about me now! So in total, you know 20 things about me already! Maybe i should go think of more and blog them out! Do you have something weird or facts about yourself that you want to share with me? Comment below and i will reply you! Go on! :D