Monday, April 4, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 3

Before i start this post, here's the link to the previous "Prelude" post (LINK) Day 1 post (LINK) and Day 2 post (LINK)! Day 2 was really really tiring as we went to the Ocean Park for the whole day and even went night shopping at Mong kok. Not forgetting about the "Mini challenge" me and my BFFs had! Race back to the hotel, they took the cab while i took the MTR and guess what? I WON! YAY

Alright, now it's time for the third day! Day 3 is all about DISNEYLAND!!!

Woke up at around 9am to prepare ourselves (I'm ALWAYS the last to wake up!) I was super excited about going to Disneyland, I've read SO MUCH about Disneyland, it's like a dream come true! Abit kua zhang but still! I even specially brought my Stitch cap that i got from Korea along for this trip! Finally got the chance to wear it openly without feeling super awkward and getting weird stares. LOLOLLOL

Just like every HK post, a group photo early in the morning to start the day! my cap!

Went to have breakfast at another 茶餐厅! Breakfast is like only $4/ set in HK! Cheap right!

Like this photo alot! Got the "Out of the bed" look! AHAHHAHAHA

Our breakfast! Chicken chop with baked beans, 2 sunny side up eggs (I've no idea why HK set meals always comes with 2 eggs) and butter toast! The girls always can't decide what to order so everytime in the end also order the same thing as me. So i'll always order 3 sets of the same thing. ALWAYS

Took the MTR to Sunny Bay station and switched over to the Disneyland Resort Line!

"OMG! IT'S A MICKEY MOUSE THEMED TRAIN!!!!!" What's with Nurul's face.

Camwhore on the train! Only around 7 mins to take photos before the train reaches Disneyland!

I just realised the kid on the bottom left of the photo is wearing a Panda hat! So retarded!

Mickey Mouse shaped handles onboard the train! Cuteeeeee


I think we spent a good 15 mins at the entrance, taking photos and instaxs!

Our entry tickets! Mine's Mickey! Nurul was like telling me, "That guy has a Stitch ticket!" and i was like, "WHERE WHERE WHERE!" I wanted to go up to that guy and ask if we can exchange tickets, but chickened out in the end. Who knows he might be a Stitch lover just like me! Mickey's cute too (:

This building greeted us once we entered Disneyland! The Mickey design is done using flowers!

A booth selling all sorts of Disneyland souvenirs! SUPER EXPENSIVE, a pen cost like 10 bucks :(

Psycho-ed Yah see and Nurul to get hair accessories to get into the mood! Can spot their clips?

We were deciding which attraction to head to and we saw Chip and Dale getting ready for photo taking! IMMEDIATELY a queue starts to form infront of them! Being Kiasu Singaporeans, we chiong-ed and joined the queue! I don't get it why some people want the mascots to autograph on their book. It's not even real, i bet they anyhow scribble de lor PLUS it's wasting everyone's time! So irritating.


Yah see was standing in the middle of Chip and Dale and i counted to 3! By the time i reached 3, they moved infront of Yah see and blocked her! Resulting in the above photo! Damn funnyyyy! When my turn even worse! I wasn't wearing my stitch cap but they took it from my Nurul's bag and force it on me! SUPER VIOLET. Nope, not gonna post that photo! It's damn unglam lor, they even tie a knot.


Another group shot with the Sleeping beauty castle at the back! Love this photo!

Disneyland is divided into a few parts. Tomorrowland shall be the first stop!

I randomly walked into an attraction, only to realised it's the high speed roller coaster. FML

LOOK AT OUR FACES!!! DAMN EPIC!!! Wait. Is that old man sleeping?!

There's this interesting coin machines located around Disneyland! All you have to do is insert HK$10, select a design and they will imprint the design on a piece of copper right infront of your eyes! O.O

Kids will pester their parents for HK$10 coins just to play with the machines. Damn irritating, hog up the queue only. But i still queued up just to get the stitch one! The one on the left! Quite cute! :D

Before i went to HK, i always tell my friends that if i ever see a stitch mascot, i would kick it because Stitch is SUPPOSED to be small and cute, not human size. Where got Stitch same size or even bigger than Lilo one! Okay, back to the post, after getting the copper coins, i IMMEDIATELY spotted a Stitch mascot and i chiong-ed join in the queue! (Totally forgot about the kicking part -.-) Oh wells.

When the stitch mascot saw me, "it" immediately hugged me because of my cap and refuse to let go -.- Tried to get a nice shot but the above is the best individual shot of me and the stitch. FML

This group shot not bad! If not for our bags are the back. Lazy to photoshop away.

Next we went for the Stitch Encounter attraction! I was damn excited to go for this attraction even though i have no idea what is it about. Only to realise it's a stitch show! And it's in cantonese to i'm the only one who can 100% fully understand what the stitch is saying, Yah see maybe can understand 20% and Nurul? 0%. Just pretend and laugh along while i enjoy. AHAHHAHAHAHA

It's damn amazing how this show works. They can animate the stitch to do according to what they say, point to someone in the crowd, capture an audience's face and display it on the screen, it's super interactive. I also dunno how to explain lah. This type of thing must go experience yourself. In the end we went back at 3.30pm for the English version. So total, we went to watch 2 times! LOL

Bought popcorn because they look damn tempting.

Saw people queuing to take photos with Buzz lightyear so we joined in the queue too!

Next attraction is the "Buzz lightyear Astro Blasters" Before we enter the ride, there's this SUPER REALISTIC Buzz at the entrance, i seriously wonder how they animate the face until so 'zhun'!!!!!

Each of us took a cart and on the cart there's 2 ray guns! Throughout the ride we can control the cart by turning left right, in the meantime, use the ray guns and shoot the targets! Anyhow shoot de, LOL

My ridiculous score of 203800! I thought everyone will be getting around the same score, and maybe i might get lesser since i spend 2/3 of the time camwhoring during the ride, but it turns out my score is damn ridiculous!!!! Everyone else get like maybe around 12,000 or lesser but mine is 203800. I think maybe i heng heng anyhow shoot until the boss or something. Like a PRO. MUAHAHAHA

Lots and lots of Gachapon! The only difference is that we get to choose what we want :D

Wanted to buy the Stitch Tumbler! But think left think right, i also got no use for it. LOL

Next stop: IT'S A SMALL WORLD! *it's a small world afterall, it's a small world afterall~*

Have no idea why my cam suddenly change to B&W mode, but this photo quite artistic (:

Basically this is a slow moving boat ride, and they just keep repeating the same song - "It's a small world afterall~" for like 5 million times before it comes to a stop. Honestly it's quite torturing but it's a good attraction to rest your legs after walking for a long time! Quite waste time! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Another group photo onboard the boat! This time in colour :D


Got pretty good seats since we chiong like a Singaporean when the door opened! Woohooo!

Golden Mickeys is a musical celebration of Disney's films and characters! It's presented in a form of an award show and you get to see your favourite Disney characters come to life! It's like all the Disney's mascots gather at one place! Plus you get to watch them sing and dance. Totally enjoyable!!!! :D

Mickey and Minnie joining the Toy story folks!

Lilo and Stitch! (The stitch is bigger than the lilo -.-)

Beauty and the Beast!

Grand finale with everyone on stage!!! There are many other characters such as Tarzan, Little mermaid, Pocahontas and more! This show is like a must watch when in Disneyland!

My not-so-nice lunch. Anyhow settle at the food court because we were waiting for the Parade!

Look at the amount of helium balloons he's holding!!!! I wonder how much is a balloon...


This parade only happens once a day so if you missed it, then you have to come back another day! Or you can watch it on youtube -.-I think around 30 mins before the show starts, everyone will crowd along the parade route (as shown on the map) waiting for the parade to start! (including us!) I was damn scared it would be canceled that day because it was slightly drizzling. Phew. *wipe sweat*

First float we have the famous Disney Characters! Mickey, Minnie and more!!!

Characters from Winnie the Pooh!!! Tigger, Eeyore, pooh and more!

Disney princesses!!! I only know Snow white and Cinderella. LOL

Lilo and Stitch!!! I swear it was waving at me, it/he/she remembers me!!!!

Toy story! Buzz, Woody and the toys!!!

If you are looking for mascots to take photos with, there's this place at 'Fantasyland' which is the Magical Gardens where Mickey mouse and your favourite Disney friends might be there! I was wondering WHAT IF there's 2 Mickey mouse taking photos at different parts of the park. Hmm...

Cute Pluto!!!

A trip to Disneyland is never complete until you take a photo with the authentic MICKEY MOUSE!!!! One look and you know it's real. Those mascots at the shopping centers are all FAKES.

The Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Quite boring but it's Nurul's favourite Eeyore. LOL

We just sit in this "Honey pot" and go and a bumpy ride and visit the characters (:

MICKEY'S PHILHARMAGIC 3D! It's actually 4D with wind and water effects! Nice!

It was getting really really late but we haven't complete the whole park! We decided to go over to Adventure land for the Jungle River Cruise to see Tarzan's home! Sky quite dark already lor :(

Over enthu tour guides. Trying to make us excited so we just pretend along lor. LOLOLOL

But the time we finish the Jungle Cruise, the rest of the attractions are closed already. (We did not even get to go up to Tarzan's treehouse! -.-) We then headed to the Sleeping Beauty castle to wait for the fireworks!!! There's fireworks every single night so you can imagine how much they earn a day! Just when the fireworks were released, my camera went out of battery. (Both batteries leh!) FML

Firework shot before my camera died #1!

Firework shot before my camera died #2! I think this one damn pretty! So magical

When the fireworks ended (around 15 mins to 20 mins), the 3 of us literally ran all the way to the Disneyland express station because we know everyone would be leaving the park and there would definitely be a crowd! (from experience in SG what!) SUPER KIASU MUCH!!! AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Went back to Mongkok for dinner but the main reason is to get the tasty fruit drink again!!!

Was feeling super hungry so we ordered additional ham and egg toast and fries!!!

Went back to the hotel and decided to pour all our Disneyland buys on the bed!

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF STUFF WE BOUGHT! Damn expensive but oh wells, it's not like we get to go Disneyland everyday. I think i spend at least 80 bucks in there! The pen alone is like 8 bucks each!

Nurul's collection of the copper coins! One cost HK$10, you go calculate how much she spent. LOL

The amount of instaxs we took at Disneyland that day! I brought 2 packets over (:

Alright, this is the end of Day 3 which is also our last night in Hong Kong!

Alot of people ask me if it's worth it to go to Disneyland despite the expensive ticket (SGD$53) or should they go to Ocean Park instead (SGD$36). If you ask me, i would say YOU SHOULD GO FOR BOTH if it's your first time to Hong Kong. It's like they are the top 2 attractions in HK! MUST GO!!!!

Disneyland is more family oriented. Not so much (or should i say none of) the scary rides, except for the Space Mountain roller coaster. Other than that it's more on exploring and getting back your childhood memories. Ocean Park is enjoyable if you enjoy thrilling rides. For me, Disneyland is much better (: