Friday, April 15, 2011

香港 Hong Kong Trip with BFFs: Day 4

It's finally the last day of our Hong Kong trip! As much as we hope our trip could be longer, we know our holiday will be ending soon. Like what Hui xin sms-ed me when i landed in SG - "Welcome back to reality" Zzz. Anyway, since it's our last day, i have to complete the few things to do in my "to-do-list!"

We packed our luggage the night before so that we won't waste time packing in the morning. So our search for AUTHENTIC dim sum began! If you read my previous day posts, you would realised the only other time we had dim sum was on the first day, and it wasn't that special.

Like always, a group shot to start our last day!

We decided not to waste any time, so we went straight to our hotel lobby and ask for directions to any nearby dim sum restaurants! Thankfully there's one near our hotel, i think just across the road!

This is when we finally realised something. We always wondered why the cafes/restaurants in HK would provide us hot water after we sat down. I was thinking maybe it's for us to drink. UNTIL the last day, they provide us with 2 FLASK OF HOT WATER. Then we realised - The hot water was meant to be use to sanitize our utensils all the while!!! Can you imagine our horror when we realise. LOL

The ordering sheet! Had our breakfast at Gold beauty star restaurant!

Some of the dim sums we ordered! All time favourite: Har gor and Siew mai!

Dim sum always comes in 4s, and there are 3 of us so there's always 1 extra. We were left with one siew mai and one har gor (and a stick of veggie) So i suggest playing the "open number" game. The last person remaining would have to eat the veggie while the other 2 get to choose and eat the dim sum each. In my mind, i was thinking. 2 out 3 chances. Cannot so suay i get the veggie de what.

Guess what? I was the suay one T_T

Our tourist octopus card expired after 3 days. So we had to buy one way tickets to travel around.

Went over to Yau Ma Tei to shop around (:

Lots of Stitch dominating the shelves again!!!

On my "To-do-list", I wanted to try Hong Kong's famous Mango Pomelo dessert! Apparently alot of people say it's a MUST TRY in HK so i went to look around and found this stall at Yau Ma tei!

Lots of dessert varieties for us to choose from! Spoilt for choice.

BFF Yah see got the Sweet potato in Bird nest dessert!

BFF Nurul got the Assorted fruit platter with Grass Jelly!

And obviously, i got the Mango Pomelo! It's freakin' niceeeeeee!

When i go on holidays, my aim is to finish up all the country's currency and try not to bring back to SG (It's like what's the point? Unless you have a substantial amount left) So this time, we went into a convenience shop and bought lots of junk food! Did you spot the kinder surprise!

The MTR station that is only 5 mins away from our hotel! Prince Edward (:

Time to checkout! One last photo in the hotel!!! I'm so glad we brought huge luggages!

Snapshot for future reference. (Although i will checkout other hotels the next time :|)

Took a cab over to Kowloon ! Just in case you are curious how the fare is calculated!

All our luggages put together onto one trolley! What's in those plastic bags?


Reached the airport earlier than expected so we decided to have lunch!

Char siew (again!) with Roast chicken Rice!

Char Siew with Soy chicken rice! Their Char siew is SUPER THICK!!!!

Flights tickets back to SG! On Singapore Airlines Boeing 747!

Went into the transit area and the first store that we saw was a Disneyland store! Just in case you didn't buy enough (or did not get to go to Disneyland). You can get your souvenir from here! :D

Super Cute Stitch Puppet!

Stitch Pen! It's SGD$10! So expensive :(

I dig out all my remaining notes and coins to buy this 2011 Stitch organiser.
It's like HK$90, which is equivalent to around 15 bucks. So 不舍得 use until now, LOL

Camwhore photobomb-ed by BFFs at the background! SUPER UNGLAM!!! LOLOLOL

Decided to finish up the instaxs film while waiting to board the plane! ♥ Coloured films!

There's SUPER MARIO BROS onboard the plane! Weeeeeee~

Camwhore while waiting for the plane to take off!

Dinner served onboard! Make me don't feel like taking budget airlines anymore! LOL

That's all for Day 4 and this marks the end of my 香港 Hong Kong Trip travelogue! Hope you guys enjoy reading the posts! Now the next place i would want to visit is Taiwan! But i have to wait till at least till end of the year! Do click on the 'Travelogue' on my banner to read my other travelogues :D