Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evolution of blog banners: Youthinkicarewhatyousay?

WARNING: This post is image-intensive, so please do
wait for the images to load to enjoy this post.

Found images of my previous blog banners since i started my blog so i decided to blog out this entry!

I don't remember if i mention before how this blog started but anyway, my blog started when i first enrolled into RP, 10 hours a day infront of the laptop, nothing to do. So i decided to start a personal (keyword: Personal) blog to write about my daily life etc. Anyhow-ly designed a blog banner...

Designed using Powerpoint 2007 - Short and sweet: Welcome to my blog :) LOL

Few weeks later, i realised i have a webcam, so i thought of making another banner. This is the "look-up-at-the-words" kinda pose. Created using Microsoft Powerpoint again. I blogged about my irritating facilitators, about skipping class, alot about my RP life thus the sentence at the bottom of the banner.

This banner was inspired by one of my friends, so i print screen the webcam settings and change it to a "mood selection" setting. Quite innovative right! Who would have thought of that! (other than my friend) Just in case you didn't realise, i typed my blog address wrongly in the banner. Seriously FML

Got the photoshop software from my classmate, learned how to use it online and how to create animation and got started on my first chio blog banner design! Last time people just piak one of their camwhore photo then say it's their banner. Mine is animated okay! Got people think it's flash then when i say it's photoshop then they will go like, "Har?! Really meh" N-O-O-B. Heroes BG, LOL

Figured out how to design my own blog template (I think i very smart, LOL), managed to create a 3 column template that i always wanted. Thus i need a chio banner so that everything nice nice. I think the above photo is the chio-est DP that i have ever took of myself! The angle, the lighting, the background, everything swee swee lor! This banner stayed for the longest time, at least a year!

Never shown this banner to anyone before. Just designed it for fun (:

I've got to admit this is one of the chio-est blog banner that i have ever designed! Alot of people can't believe it's done using Photoshop. I had to spend one whole day designing, making sure everything runs nicely. ESPECIALLY the wings. The end result was BOOMz. I love this design so much that became my name card design eventually! (Actually i was quite lazy to design the name card also lah)

One of my latest design that i did not publish. Supposedly it should be my current blog design because of the doodle theme but then i don't know why i did not use it in the end. Have to animate the pencil to write out the - ANdyStorm. Come to think of it, it's like quite nice leh! Maybe i should change to it!

Last but not least, my latest and current design! Since i changed my blogskin theme from black to white, i have to change the banner too. This banner is totally random. Almost everything is random! See that thing on my shoulder, i also dunno where it come from -.- But the lightning bolt and rain is supposedly de, to depict "Storm" ma, and yellow looks nice on the words. Decided to use it in the end!

Update! After learning about image mapping, i decided to integrate my header into my banner! So now if you click on any of the words on the "Post it", you will be directly to the page! YAYYYY (:

Wanted to use flash for my banner but after learning it for awhile and realising it's damn tough. I better stick to using photoshop. Now i wonder how my next banner will be like... Comments?