Friday, June 10, 2011

Sushi and Play Nation!

Ever since i passed by the newly opened PlayNation at Scape, i told myself i will find time one day to drop by, relax and have fun for a few hours! So last weekend, i managed to gather Jiaqi, Jing long, Kaixin, Yingzi and Joyce to go for PlayNation's weekend Happy hour from 2pm to 6pm! YAYYYYY
But before meeting the rest at Scape, Jiaqi, Kaixin and me decided to have Jap for lunch, so we met up at Nihon Mura at The Cathay! The girls really ordered ALOT of food! Like very long never eat, LOL

We then headed to PlayNation at *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #03-01 (:

Weekend rates for Happy hour is $12.50/ person from 2pm to 6pm with FREE flow of drinks!

The main game that we wanted to play was Band Hero! There will be 2 guitarist, 1 drummer and 1 singer for each song so we get to rotate the different instruments. I like to play the guitar the most! Hate singing because i don't know most of the songs, except for Taylor swift and some other, LOL

I think the drum quite difficult to play, must hit until very hard -__-

The next game we played was Rayman Raving Rabbids! Super silly game, LOLOLOLOL

The game consist of alot of mini games and we have to hold the Wii controller and do all sorts of things, damn funny! Like for the photo above, everyone have to hold the controller and do the "running" action to escape being crush by the giant rolling stone! Very fun but tiring at the same time!

Random photo of Joyce, Me and Ying zi! Totally engrossed in the game!

Act chio photo taken outside *Scape. (Of course with abit of photoshop done!)

Shall end this post with my favorite Frolick yogurt! I CAN HAS 2 FREE TOPPINGS!

I wanted to redeem a free topping, but even before i tell the frolick girl what topping i want, she started dumping chunks of kit kat into my cup! I totally stunned and told her i didn't say i want Kit kat. So she decided to give me another topping, now my yogurt look so colourful! YAYYYYY :D