Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ying zi's 18th Birthday at MBS!

Slightly overdue post! Was invited by Yingzi to her 18th Birthday celebration at Marina Bay Sands! Was quite a rush that day cos i had to rush to somewhere to get her present (which you all will know at the later part of this post!) Carried it all the way to Cityhall from Pasir Ris, met Jiaqi, Jinglong and Kaizhi, bought Helium balloons at Raffles city and walked all the way to MBS. Phew

Wanted to buy a card for her but decided to write our wishes on the helium balloons instead.

Photo taken at the Helix bridge. SO NEAR YET SO FAR! Have to walk all the way.

Ying zi's room is at MBS tower 3, which the first out of the three building that you see in the above photo. So we have to walk all the way to the end of our side, cross the traffic light, and walk back to the first building. After walking for like 20 mins, we finally reached. Understand? No? Nevermind.

The size of the toilet, is the size of my room (i think. Or just abit smaller) -__-

The Magnificent Bedroom. I like to play with the curtains cos it's button activated. Just keep pressing then it will open close open close, LOLOLOLOL Ehh, by the way, this is not the standard room. It's the MBS suite which cost $1.2k PER NIGHT wtf. The room alone already cost so much!

The view from the room. I took 2 photos, one at around 6pm, and one at 7pm. GIF-ed them (:

The well-known fridge in MBS! Once you take any drink out from the fridge, it will automatically be charged to your bill within 15 seconds. I thought i very clever and suggested using a straw (?!) to drink straight of the can without taking it out from the fridge, leaving the can intact. Apparently someone said that the sensor will take note the weight of the can too. Oh wells, they more smart.

I like this photo! Don't know who took it using my camera though.

Fish eye lens! Got realise anot? Bet some of you didn't!

Dinner! Ying zi ordered Pizza and KFC for her guests (:

Never thought that i would go to the highest level of MBS because it cost 20 bucks/person!

The view was magnificent, especially in the night when all the lights in the city are on!

See what i meant! Chio x1343289743243

Not forgetting to take photos! (although they don't look like they are taken on top of MBS -.-)

Ok, this one can see abit! If you look at the center, you can see the pool and buildings! MUAHAHA

Cake cutting time! Happy birthday to you~

Group shot! Jing long, Joyce, me, Ying zi, Kai zhi, Jiaqi, Mel and June (Behind)


The exclusive Hello Kitty Mahjong Set!!!! *screammmmmm*

Every tile is engraved with hello kitty! Even the chips and the dices! Chio ttm.

Everyone taking a photo of the Mahjong set and twitpic-ing it!

Last but not least, a group photo with everyone!
(Woah. Look at all the expensive DSLRs on the table!)