Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lunch, Swirl art & Once upon a milkshake!

Just a random blog post introducing 2 places i went recently! (No, i'm not paid to write this post -.-) So here we go! It was just a random Saturday so a few of us met at Bugis, couldn't decide wear to go for lunch to we went opposite to Liang Seah street to have our lunch at some chapalang store...

Here's my Fried chicken with egg rice! Just wanna show you how clear my camera is, MUAHAHA

When i saw the Liang Seah street road sign, the first question that came up to my mind was, "Haven't i read on some blogs or somewhere about a quite famous yogurt store which is also at Liang Seah street?" and i realised there's a Swirl Art outlet along the street. So we went to look for it (:

FINALLY FOUND IT! Ok lah, actually it's damn easy to find.

Inside is very buffet style. Everything is like DO-IT-YOURSELF so you swirl your own yogurt into the cup, choose your own toppings, bring your creation to the counter, weigh it and face the music. LOL There's a WHOLE LOT of toppings to choose from! Definitely spoilt for choice! I wanted EVERYTHING.

Ying zi and Joyce swirling their yogurt. There's even peanut butter flavour!

TA-DAH! Our creation! The one on the left is Ying zi's yogurt which cost like 8 or 9 bucks?! They go according to the grams and she took the heavy peaches and logan -.- Mine is the one on the bottom right with all the chapalang toppings. I think it cost around 6 bucks? Joyce's one is at the top. Also costing around 6 bucks if i'm not wrong... 3 cups for 21 bucks!!! No one to blame but ourselves!

Camwhore with my $6 yogurt! If only mine is 200 grams, then i would get it for FREE lor. That day got this promotion, if our yogurt weigh 100g, 200 or 300g (+/- 1gram), the yogurt would be FREE OF CHARGE. Mine weigh 204g. Wah laooo, maybe if i take one less marshmallow then 200g le! LOL

Smiling on the outside, pain on the instead. AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH Joking.

Few days before the day we met, i actually bought an online deal on Juztoday! Promotion at Once upon a milkshake! Only $4.35 for either 3 scoops of ice cream or 1 reg Milkshake! I bought 2 so i decided to bring the rest to try it out! Always wanted to try ewhen i go *Scape but expensive!

Ordered a Reg Chocolate Milkshake (Can't remember the name) and 3 scoops of ice cream!

The few of us first time trying out Once upon a milkshake drink and ice cream! NOT BAD LEH!

I like their milkshake! SUPER THICK. Like confirm get sore throat that kind of thick lor!

#Random: I would buy this whenever i pass by Takashimaya basement

Reflection photo with Joyce and Jing long while the rest shopping in Muji!

Camwhore! Anyhow-ly bought the huge star ring from the *Scape flea market at only 4 bucks!

Ending off this post with #Random2: Accessories for the day!