Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singapore Social Media Day! #sgsmd

Remember i blogged about the Social Media Day 2011 not long ago? Well, here's a recap of what happened that day! By the way, are you guys excited to see my creative sandwich!!! MUAHAHA

One of the aims that day was to raise funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund!

Donating any amount that day to the SPMF entitles you to write on the "wall", enter the lucky draw to win a 3D2N trip to Hong kong, and a game card to win yourself a goodie bag (:

Went up to level 5 to complete my game card to get a goodie bag! Basically there were 4 stations and i had to play games that involves Social media. Like shortening one whole paragraph to under 140 letters, Take a photo and upload to Facebook etc. Easy peasy for a social media person like me!

Photo with Jing long, who is one of the official photographer for the event that day :D

4 stamps entitles me to a goodie bag! *throw confetti*

I bought 10 bucks worth of vouchers to purchase some items from the participating blogshops set up at*Scape because 20% of their sales will go to the fund! Since it's all for a good cause, why not?


The 4 bloggers invited - 2 lifestyle. 1 social. 1 food blogger!

Had a little interview session to introduce ourselves and our blog. I'm the only guy! *Blush*

Everyone getting ready to grab one of the four aluminum foil wrapped plates! It contains all our ingredients! My partner for the day is April from! Nice to meet you that day!

Opening the foil to reveal our ingredients! I was seriously praying for tomato/ chili sauce!!!

In the end i really heng heng kena packets of Chili sauce + Veggie, Sausages and Luncheon Meat!

We were given 5 mins to discuss on what to design for our sandwich so i immediately took out my phone, google the image of the _____ and told April what i intend to do! Then we split the task into different parts, it feels like the ultimate plan! Soon, the 5 mins was up and we had 10 mins to design!

I immediately grabbed the scissors and start cutting the bread. I find it so much easier to use compared to the knife lor. Random fact about me: I don't eat bread with the "skin". Since young, i always cut it away with a knife. Until i grew up and realised it's easier and faster to use a scissor!

Staying 100% focused on designing the sandwich. Can you spot the image from my phone?

How about now? It's should be quite obvious already right?

Now you know why i desperately need the tomato/ chili sauce? Actually i secretly have chili sauce in my pocket, JUST IN CASE suay suay don't have ma. Then it will spoil my plan! Phew.

The Angry Birds design is almost done! CREATIVE ANOT?! Angry birds leh!!!

Photo with April with our sandwich creation! Quite proud of it! *beams*

TA-DAH! Abit messy but still! Who would have thought of Angry Birds Sandwich!

The other blogger's sandwiches!

Judging and explanation of our sandwich takes places...


Ying zi and her partner's Sandwich! Can you spot that luncheon meat twitter bird -______-

Consolidation prize for April! Congrats! Eeyer, i thought we can win de lor.

Maybe if i can "photoshop" my sandwich abit like this, then maybe can beat Yingzi's sandwich lor!

Group photo with the bloggers and contestants!

Camwhore!!! Jiaqi and Kaixin came down to *Scape to support us for the contest!

"The Magnificent Social Media Wall" I wonder what they do with it at the end of the event.

First time meeting twitter friend, Darren aka @method86 in real life. Pros of Social media :D

Last but not least, Official photo taken at the "wall" with Yingzi, Jia Qi, Gisiang, Jing long and Joyce!

This basically sums up the Singapore Social Media Day 2011! Would like to thank the organizers for inviting me and also everyone who came down to make this event a successful one! Ciaos.