Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jiaqi's 21st: Meeska Mooska themed party!

When it comes to turning 21, everyone (or most people) will try to plan something special to celebrate that significant day. My good friend, Jiaqi planned a mickey mouse themed birthday party! I still remember few months back, we were discussing the little little details on how the party should be like (she almost wanted to give up planning and use the $$ to go overseas lor, LOL) NOOBBBB

Honestly, until today, i have no idea what's the meaning of "Meeska Mosska" LOLOLOOL

When Jiaqi mentioned that she wants a mickey mouse themed party, i didn't think she was that serious. At the most maybe ask us to dress up according to the theme, until i saw these...

Coke labels replaced with Mickey mouse labels!

Even the ice lemon tea, green tea cans labels were replaced!

EVERY SINGLE TOOTHPICK had a Mickey/ Minnie ______ (Whatever you call that!)

Joyce - Makeup artist of the day.

Jiaqi even designed this Polaroid border for us to take photos with! I my hairband!


Apparently it's from some famous and expensive caterer! But doesn't it all look delicious?!

In case you didn't notice, the labels of the party poppers are replaced too!

Overview of the "food" section. By the way, the party was held at The Club hotel at Ann Siang!

Group Shot #1! I think everyone suit the theme quite well! Mostly red and black

Main dishes for the day was Pizza hut and drumlets! Nom nom nom

Everyone helping themselves to the delicious looking food! I tried every single dessert!

How can a birthday party not have cake? If you think it's a normal looking cake, you are wrong!

Customized Minnie mouse cake accompanied with cute little Mickey/ Minnie cupcakes!

They all look too cute to be eaten!

Lastly, it's time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake!

Love this photo! Can see everyone's funny expression!

Birthday girl with her chio looking cake x2

Since it's a Mickey mouse themed party, you can expect to see alot of Mickey related presents from her friends! A few of us shared and bought her a customized mickey mouse thumbdrive with her face engraved on it, SUPER NICE! I also want one of it!!!!! Bought her a cup and 4 leaf clover charm too!

If you think the party is over, here's the aftermath! BALLOON FIGHT!!!

P.s: This GIF image takes awhile to load!

Ending off this post with a group photo of everyone that attended the party!