Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramen, Dorayaki!

I was craving for Ramen the other day so the next thing i did was to find out where's the best Ramen in Singapore. I was specifically looking for - Teriyaki Chicken Ramen instead of the usual Cha siu ramen which is available everywhere. Reason being, i don't really like to eat pork. After searching online for quite awhile, looking at different places, i decided to go back to Men-Ichi Ramen at NEX.

I chose Men-ichi mainly because i remember #1: The Ramen being good. #2: There's FREE upsize to a larger portion for noodles. #3: The price is quite reasonable for a bowl of ramen. (Actually I was also secretly lazy to travel further because there's a direct bus from my house to NEX, LOL)

Men-ichi Japanese Ramen is located at NEX, Serangoon. #B1-79

Decided to order the Chawanmushi while waiting for my ramen to be cooked. It's either i'm too hungry that day or the chawanmushi is really heavenly! One of the best i've tried so far!

Feeling very Adidas-ish that day with my black and gold Adidas jacket + watch! LOL

Here comes my ramen!!! Ok, this photo above do no justice because i asked for just the chicken and noodles -__- (The egg is additional charge) I requested not to have any veggie, beansprout and whatever. I RAMEN EGGS!!! It's like hard on the outside, and soft in the inside. Damn nice!

Jiaqi's Cha siu Ramen set which comes with Chawanmushi and fried tori karaage.

Happy us with our food! Finally get to satisfy our craving for Ramen! Nom nom nom

Total bill was $37.31. Less than 20 bucks per person, which is consider not bad already! :D

Went to walk around the Japanese street and saw this Dorayaki stall! Everyone was so interested at how it's made on the spot. (Did you know that Dorayaki is Doremon's favourite snack?) Anyway, we joined the queue and ordered a Cheese pancake, and a Chocolate pancake to try!

Every single Dorayaki is made on the spot so you can expect to wait at least 10 mins for it.

I think the process is quite interesting! The pancakes are literally GOLDEN BROWN.

Got my Starbucks card! I think it's quite worth it. You pay 10 bucks (the amount will be topped up into your card), and you get a complimentary drink (ANY SIZE) after you register the card online! Your every 13th cup will be FREE and on your birthday month, you get a free slice of cake!

Why Starbucks no more Strawberries and Cream!!! I redeemed my drink that day and i wanted a medium size because i was quite sure i couldn't finish the large one, even though it was free. But the counter guy insisted "You sure? It's FREE" for like a few times. In the end i got the large one, took like less than 20 sips (1/4 of the drink) and threw the whole thing away. Like a Wasted.

Did you know that there's a dog playground on the roof of NEX?

Jiaqi and i spent like an hour looking at the different dogs playing under the sun, LOL

I WANT A TOY POODLEEEE!!!! x3467684 (image randomly googled.)

Photo of us taken under natural lighting. No photoshop, no anything. Nice.

Shall end this post with a mango dessert from Dessert Story!