Sunday, September 4, 2011

BFFs weekend getaway to Batam: Day 2!

Here's Day 2 of the BFF weekend getaway to Batam! If you haven't read the first day post, you can read it HERE (clickable!) Woke up early the next day for hotel breakfast! I good hotel buffet breakfast! I think the best that i ever had was in Korea! I still remember waking up early MYSELF that time just to have the hotel buffet breakfast while Shawn and Beatrice was still sleeping! LOL

My breakfast! Which i think was quite good (:

Omelette station! The chef will prepare a delicious omelette right infront of you, or if you don't like omelette, he can prepare a double yolk sunny side up! I took both :P

Buffet style breakfast!

This is the first time i see a cereal dispensing machine. You have to put your bowl under and turn the knob to let the cereal fall. Come to think of it, how come it never crush the cornflakes ah?

A morning photo of sleepy face. One word - Chui.

I don't mind having hotel buffet breakfast every single day!!! (Who would!)

Went back to the hotel to pack our stuffs and camwhore abit in the room, LOL

Last one before checking out! #camwhore

Took the hotel cab back to Batam center! I rather pay more to take the hotel cab then take the normal lousy one. More comfortable! Oh ya, you see the photo above? Guess how many people are there on the bike? THE ANSWER IS 5. 2 adults, 2 kids and 1 baby. Oh my tian, so dangerous.

Batam shopping center is no better. Decided to finish up our rupiah by getting some souvenirs. Customized key chains at just 12000 rupiah each. Which i think is about... $1.70?

Nicely done. I didn't get any because i spent the remaining $$ on a watch, LOL

Our return ticket back to Singapore!

Once again, #camwhore on the ferry x2343245

Last photo to end this travelogue!

The journey back takes another 1 hour! That's all for my 2D1N weekend getaway to Batam with my BFFs! Like i said, not very interesting. Maybe it's because we didn't follow the tour for more sightseeing. Maybe i would want to go there again. Shall see how...