Friday, September 9, 2011

Cars2 and SHINee world concert!

Just a short update since i haven't been updating my blog proper (really busy nowadays at work)

*insert 1374634 sad faces*

Anyway, if you have been following me on twitter, you would know that tomorrow will be my private screening of the Cars 2 movie at Cineleisure! I have been giving out the tickets to my friends and twitter followers during the past few days!

(There isn't a giveaway on this blog due to the time constraint, Pai seh

Happy to say that all 68 tickets have been given out. I'm glad 12 pairs of tickets that i've given on twitter are all swept within 15 mins! The movie is at 10am and honestly i don't expect anyone to wake up so early on a Saturday, travel all the way to town just to catch a movie! *gan dong*

Hope everything will turn out well and everyone be happy tomorrow :D

Oh ya,

Can't believe i managed to last minute-ly get the tickets. Couldn't get the tickets when it was first on sale because i wasn't sure whether i can make it on that day but just 2 days before the actual concert, i managed to get it!!! Ok, tomorrow is gonna be a busy and tiring day. I should rest early.