Monday, November 21, 2011

#22nd Birthday at Mind Cafe!

Never really intended to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Still remember last year 21st was held at Mcdonalds, it was quite a fun night whereby everyone had to wear that silly Mcdonalds hat and play games like "Passing the rubber band", "Charades", eat Happy meals etc. This year, all i wanted was a thunderbolt shaped cake and a simple dinner with the usual peeps (which didn't happen, LOLOLOLOL)

I didn't want to celebrate it at first because i felt that 22nd wasn't that significant and did you realised that after you turn 21, most likely you will be planning for your own birthday instead? Yes?

Anyway, this year's 22nd was last minute-ly planned. I had about a week to research and finally settled on The Mind Cafe. Just a simple dinner and board games session for 8, ending it with a cake!

Decided on the Prinsep street outlet! Yes, along the same street as Strictly Pancake!

We have Li mei, Yingzi, Joyce, Mel, Jing Long, Josh and Jiaqi! Lucky 7

I did abit of research and we'll be going for the Mega meal with meal course and 3 hours of games!

They have a a whole range of board games for you to choose from. I think we have not heard about 80% of them. But there are people who will explain the rules of the games to you patiently...

After ordering our food, that's when the real "game" begins. They told me, "You know how Running man works? There are 3 running balls hidden in this cafe and you have to complete the mission. That's your birthday mission." That's when i realised, they came much earlier just to plant the "balls"!!! I was seriously damn surprised. I was like, "You guys seriously came earlier?!"

I have no idea why and how but i managed to just walk to the balls unknowingly. LOL

Task #1: Call a person on your contact list to make him/her say, "You sound weird today"

First person i thought of was BFF Nurul, and we started chatting and i randomly said i wanted to bring hoodie to Phuket just in case it will be cold (We were flying off to Phuket within the next few days and Phuket is DAMN HOT AND SUNNY) and managed to make her say that i sound weird (:

Task #2: Take a photo with a girl that you think is the prettiest in the shop.

I didn't really take a look at all the girls at the cafe so i just randomly went to the next table and told this girl, "It's my birthday today and i'm supposed to take a photo with the prettiest girl here, can you take a photo with me?" Heng, she take with me. I gave her some sweets lehhh, LOL

Task #3: Find 3 miniature figurines in the shop.

I think this is the hardest because i have NO idea what kind of figurines i'm supposed to look for. I even tried asking the waitress if this figurines belong to the shop (which they themselves have no idea also -.-) I took like the longest time and finally found the 3 figurines. Super random, Phew.

Every "ball" contain sweets and the next mission. They wrote their wishes on the ball too

By the time we finish the Running ball game, the food are all here! YAYYYYYY

In the meantime, we started playing board games! First up was Jenga!

This special edition Jenga is the Truth or Dare version. Red for dare, black for truth (:


Next up, we have this _______ (I have no idea what this game is called.)

I to take risks, resulting in lots and lots of monkeys. Zzz

First time playing Snorta, which i think is the highlight board game of the day!

Lazy to explain the game but in a nutshell, we have to call out the sound of the animal of each other whenever the same cards appear. Memory game! So it's damn funny when everyone start going QUACK QUACK, or MEOW MEOW or OINK OINK, damn noisy but fun! Took videos but lazy to edit, LOL

No thunderbolt shaped cake, but there's my favourite tiramisu from Bakerzin!

It's damn awkward when you buy a birthday cake for yourself. I went to the Tampines outlet to reserve the cake at the Paragon outlet and the manager ask me to write the message that i want on the cake, so i wrote "Happy Birthday" so she asked, "No name?" In my mind i was thinking, if i wrote "Happy Birthday Andy" she will know i'm buying the cake for myself. #theawkwardmomentwhen

Group photo with everyone before cutting the cake!

Just nice 8 people so i can divide the rectangle cake equally. Caught on camera :|

8 pieces of delicious tiramisu cake

Just wanna say thanks for the presents! Love it!

One last group photo before leaving the cafe! I brought my tripod along thus this photo! (:

Used up one pack of coloured instax films to take individual shots (and 3 group shots) with everyone! By the way, do you know that they discontinued coloured instax film already? It's almost impossible to find it anymore. The rest are all the remaining stocks in the market. I only got 1 pack left :(

Had a fun night that day and i guess the money to plan this event is worth it afterall since i managed to gather everyone to have eat and have fun together! Whether i will celebrate my 23rd, we will leave it to next year to decide again, LOL