Monday, November 14, 2011


Went to Hong Kong recently and was contemplating on getting a CAPSULE CLAW MACHINE back to Singapore. I remember seeing it once in Singapore (can't remember when) and i badly want it. Not to really play with it but to display it because how often do we get to see something like this?

After bargaining with the shop keeper and considering for a long time, i decided to get it in the end. But the next problem is, how to bring it back to Singapore? I can't possibly check it in because if they throw it around, the plastic will definitely break... Trust me, the fragile tag DOESN'T work.

I hand carried it on the plane back to Singapore!

Quite amazed by how it works (exactly like those in the arcade!) and i'm gonna start collecting capsules and cute little figurines such as the tofu and display this machine in my room!