Sunday, February 19, 2012

新年 CNY Part 3

Last but not least, wait. Actually i'm quite confused about this "Last but not least" phrase. It's obviously the last what, then what's with the least?! Aiya, never mind. This is gonna be part 3 of the CNY post and it's gonna be the last before i conclude my CNY! Steam boat at Jing long's place! :D

Look at the amount of food prepared! We had about 14 people though (:

Joyce is forever ready posing for the camera, LOL

It's heartwarming to see 14 friends gather around the table having steamboat together

Ban luck again! No win no lose this time. Although i lost 6 bucks at Mahjong, Zzz.

Random photo before the actual group photo taking!

Oh ya, we lou hei-ed too. Look at the mess and my hand!!!! WHY LIKE THIS ONE, LOLOLOL

The official group photo for that day!

Last day of CNY, the 6th Feb. Reached home and saw Yu sheng again.

Which makes it 8 Yu sheng i had for this year. ZOMG

That's all i have for this year's Chinese New Year!