Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Just what type of Singaporean are you?"

As the title of this post suggest, what type of Singaporean are you? Didn't know that's different "classification" of Singaporeans right? Well, here's your chance to find out what type you are! :D

Here's just a short intro on this website -! In this website, you can find out quite abit about about SG and from the "What type of Singaporean you are" quiz, you can see the results of what Singaporeans feel or think! I like the "Singapore translated" which is a dictionary of Singaporean words and phrases! It's quite interesting, you can even listen to how it's pronounced!

The "What type of Singaporean" is a simple online quiz that analyzes your personality and find out what type are you. I had a try at the quiz and here are a few of the questions and my answers! :D

Q: When I talk...

Did i just used a rojak of English, Mandarin, Malay and even Hokkien in the above sentence?!

Q: Weekends are...

Monday to Friday, work work work. Weekends are obviously reserved for family and friends!

Q: A movie i've been waiting for opens tomorrow...

ASK ME OUT FOR MOVIES!! ! I can always spare that 2 hours to catch a nice show :D

Q: My favourite drink is...

I couldn't make a decision on this question so i decided to choose option #1 and i feel that it's quite true! Everyone is crazy over KOI and Gong Cha. My friends would queue just for one cup of that bubble tea. Well, because i hate to drink tea, KOI and Gong cha has never been an option to me.

HOWEVER since my friends are already queuing for it, why not get Lemon juice with white pearl Aiyu jelly from Gong Cha or Chocolate Milk from KOI? Both has no tea content in their concoction ;)

Q: What will you do if there's a flood?

Seriously, what can we do other than stay at home and watch the news. LOL

The above are just 5 out of the many interesting questions that i encountered while attempting the quiz! All of the questions are seriously just SoSingaporean! (I secretly did the quiz a few times just to see what are the different results i may get, LOL) Anyway, here's my final results:


Well, i find that it's quite true! I'm not like those uptight Singaporean whereby they are busy working, no time for have fun, or when they see a flood somewhere, they quickly report it to the authorities, or when they see something wrong, they immediately take out their phones and take a photo, sending it to STOMP. Hello, relax lah. Take some time off, have good food once in a while, spend quality time with your family and friends, go visit the Universal Studios or something, have fun! (:

After reading this post and looking through 5 questions, aren't you curious to find out what type of Singaporean you are? Spare some time, head over to, take the quiz and who knows you might find out something unexpected!