Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trilogy: "The Hunger Games Awaits you"

It all started on this day where i was spending my day out, enjoying a cup of Mocha Frappe at one of the McCafe and we have Joyce, at a fashion flea market trying to sniff out the good deals. Everything was peaceful and fine until...

Both of us received an sms at the same time.

"Shutter" is the team name me and Joyce gave ourselves. The shutter in the camera allows light to pass through to capture a permanent image of a scene. We decided to call ourselves "Shutter" because we feel that we are like shutters, gathering info and painting an image through social media like blogs, twitter, FB etc to relay our messages.

Anyway, on that day. Both of us received a "Mission" shown above through our phones, which is to spend a day at Cineleisure! We are to follow the clues given to us which leads us to explore the whole of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

So me and Joyce met up at the entrance of Cineleisure and we got our first clue!


With 9 floors and 5 basements and a clue like that, where should we start? According to wikipedia, Cineleisure has 54 stores and services! Health packs and weapons and what's with the "No Mercy" which we must complete in 30 mins?!

We quickly looked through the directory and narrowed down to a few places. Being a frequent gamer, i suddenly thought, "LEFT 4 DEAD"! At the start of the game, the players are required to grab their weapons and health packs! +

Located at Level 9 of Cineleisure is E2MAX! (Note that you have to take the lift all the way up!) This place is the largest gaming haven for the youth and young-at-heart. Offering the latest computer games and video games such as my favourite L4D to DVD movies with seamless arenas all designed to provide a fun and exciting e-gaming environment!

This is definitely the place we are looking for! "No Mercy" is actually the very first campaign in L4D! With Razer mouse and keyboard, plus good sound system, the whole e-gaming experience was definitely enjoyable!

Upon completing the "No Mercy" stage within 30 mins, the next clue instantly popped out on the screen!

Without even reading the words, Joyce knew exactly where to go to get our next clue!

Located at Level 4 is Pocketz which is a pool and billiards arena! If you are bored in town with your friends thinking of how to spend time, you might want to consider playing pool for an hour or two at Pocketz! See who is better at pool!

"15 balls may form a pyramid" and the clue showed an image of the pool balls but the other part of the clue was, "but only GOLD coins can turn them out" Do we need gold coins at Pocketz? We don't have to pay using $1 coins right...?

This is when Joyce thought of another place where there's "balls" and definitely $1 dollar coins are needed in order to bring them out! BASEMENT 1! According to Joyce, Cineleisure basement 1 has one of the widest range of capsule machines that she has seen! Yes! Capsule machines will require $1 coins to turn out the capsules which fits the clue!

According to the clue, i'm supposed to find something related to Shutter and after looking through the whole stretch of capsule machine, i finally found one which i'm quite sure the one we are looking for! It cost 3x $1 coins for a miniature version of a Pentax camera which can be also used to fit on top of a regular DSLR using the horseshoe! See it HERE!

Of course, there's a coin changing machine near by to change your notes to $1 coins!

Now let's hope we are correct so we can get the next clue!


Apparently we are to find this place in Cineleisure where by we can party like rock star, shoot like a sniper and throw like Jeremy Lin (?!) After finding the place, we have to grab a powercard and throw something to get 120 points to enter the Hunger game! Do you have any clue whereby we can do all these activities?! It seem almost impossible! HOW???

Perhaps it's at the Cathay cineplex where all these actions can happen in a movie? It shouldn't be E2Max because a clue was already found there. Let's see... Party like a rock star. We would need mics, guitars and drums. Shoot like a sniper, we would need guns. Throw like Jeremy lin, that would mean Basketball. All these sounds like it can be done at...

That's it! Time zone located at Level 4!

Went to the counter to get our Power card which enables us to reload credits into it to play games!


Well, come to think of it. With team effort, it wasn't too difficult scoring 120 points and above!

Have you ever encounter times whereby you got your movie tickets but the movies starts like 45 mins later and you have no idea what to do during that period of time before the movie? What i always do is head to the arcade with my friends! Well, going to Arcade is an option at Cineleisure! Grab your powercard, load in some credits and spend some time with your friends shooting some aliens, race against each other on Daytona or fight against one another on Tekken!

Before we know it, Joyce and i got another SMS:

OH MY TIAN! What a surprise! A pair of tickets to the Gala premiere of Hunger Games!

We made our way to The Cathay to collect our movie tickets! The Hunger Games trailer has been showing for quite awhile and i was soooo looking forward to the movie. Now i get to watch it even before the movie opens in cinema! After an exciting afternoon at Cineleisure, it's now time to reward ourselves, lean back and watch a good movie! :D

(By the time you read this post, Hunger Games should be already in cinemas, do catch it!)

Side note: I have a habit of wikipedia-ing on my phone about the movie just 10 mins before the show so that at least i know what's going on in the show, and i realised The Hunger Games is a trilogy! I hope there's gonna be the other 2 sequel in the cinema in the future. I actually bought the book the next day to compare the book and the movie, LOL

Through the exciting mission in Cineleisure, i would say there's actually alot of activities that you can engage in this 9 level building! Other than those we explored for clues, there's even KBOX for superstar wannabes, indoor tanning or waxing at Fabulous Tan, fashion retail shops like Fred Perry, NUM and also not forgetting the 12 movie halls cineplex! :D

As i walked through the Cineleisure, i also noticed that there seem to be quite a number of bistros and food outlets in Cineleisure and since we managed to complete our mission, maybe it's time to treat ourselves to a good meal? ;)