Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transformers Cybertron Con 2012: Which side are you on?

I remember a few weeks ago, i tweeted something like, "Imagine if there's a transformers exhibition whereby they bring all the robots and the real life cars that they used in the movies! It will be so damn cool!" Honestly speaking, any transformers fan would definitely want that to happen right! I would even pay to see them in real life! Imagine taking photos with them, it would be so so cool! I couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw the Transformers Cybertron Con that will be held at our very own RWS and the entry tickets was only 12 bucks! Without knowing what the Cybertron con is all about (?!), i started asking around to see who's also interested in going to the exhibition with me. TROLLOLOL

Starting off this post with a photo of myself!

Met Joyce at Vivocity, had lunch and grabbed a cup of Dark Mocha Frappe before heading over!


As expected, the queue was super long. We actually had an option to get the tickets from online first, however we wanted to save $2 (POSB card get $2 off!) so we decided to get it on the actual day itself! We joined the queue but after a while, one of the staff told us that we could actually get the tickets from another ticketing counter! (:

To our surprise, there was no queue at the other ticketing counter! HENG AHHHH

Photo with Megatron before entering the exhibition!

Another cool photo behind the Optimus Prime backdrop! Must take more photos, make the $10 ticket (and the $3 admission to Sentosa) more worth it, LOLOL First time entering the ballroom of RWS. Like a mountain tortoise!

It's funny how everyone is willing to wait patiently just to take a photo of a cupboard shaped into a cube with designs on it in the middle of nowhere just because it's all part of the transformers show. Well, i'm also one of them.

This scene greeted us as we entered the exhibition hall!

On display were toys from the very first version of transformers to the current ones in the movies.

These KRe-O transformers are super cute! Too bad they don't sell it individually :(

On display were also showcases of Transformers enthusiast self designed transformers!

One of the main highlight of this Transformers Con - The Optimus Prime!

It was really HUGE. Almost touching the ceiling of the ballroom. How i wish there were more...

Camwhore with the HUGE figure of Optimus Prime! There is actually this structure which you can take the stairs up and take photo with the Optimus Prime and have it printed out at $20. I would say it's not very worth it. Most people just take photos from the bottom, like what i did in this photo over at this link HERE (click to see!) It's free this way, LOL

There's also this Fastest finger contest whereby we have to transformer this to a robot!

The queue to the merchandise area was a 45 mins wait! Joyce and i managed to sneak in through an exit. There was also a long queue at the counter, everyone practically was carrying a few boxes of toys, waiting to pay for it and the thing is, the things there are not cheap! True transformers fans. Even though Optimus prime was the only '3D' model at the exhibition, there were still other autobots and decepticons for us to take photos with. Still not bad lah (:

Bumblebee and... the one on the right looks really familiar, Hmm...

No idea which is which, but i think they are decepticons. LOL

Everyone should know this guy, MEGATRON!!!

Bumblebee again, and Starscream!

I would say, for the price of just $10, this trip to the Transformers Cybertron Convention was worth it. I spent about 3 hours in there browsing at the different displays they had. I wish one day they will really tour around the world with their real robots and cars and stop by Singapore...

So now the question is, which side are you on?