Sunday, April 22, 2012

Part 1: Twitpics of the past!

I was browsing through my twitpics that i have uploaded ever since i joined twitter and i thought, "Woah, these photos are really old!" My very first twitpic was uploaded about 1038 days ago which is about 3 years ago. I'm honestly quite glad that i did upload random photos from my lousy camera phone during those days because today when i see those photos, i know exactly what i was doing/thinking at that point of time - Which is also the reason why i'm doing this post!

What you gonna see is a selection of "more interesting" photos which i got from my twitpic stream. Do bear with the photo quality as they are from the "olden" type of camera photos, 3 years ago leh! But i think you will get to see the quality gets better and better as the list goes down, LOL Hope you enjoy this post as much as i enjoy recapping them (:

My very first twitpic taken using my laptop's webcam 1038 days ago! (Thus the quality) The caption was, "My sis say my chio jacket looks like it's made from Garbage bag! Really meh?!" TROLOLOLOL This jacket is not cheap ok, especially for a poly student like me during that time and my sis's first comment was that it looks like a garbage bag. Bu shi huo.


There was this period of time during my poly days where i was crazy over these soft toys machines! I would just waste money and indulge in these machines hoping to catch stitch soft toys at the end of the day. Come to think about it, it's damn waste of money can. Now all the soft toys are just collecting dust in my room. What was i thinking?! FML tyvm.

1030 days ago. Caption: "My collection of stitches :D"

See see see! Look at the amount of Stitch soft toys i have at home. There are even more than those in the photo above! Now i only display the bigger ones and dump all the smaller ones into this bag. No idea what to do with it. Yet.

Caption - "When you have nothing to twitter, what you can do is twitpic a photo of urself acting cute :P"
Oh my 天. Taken 1028 days ago.I don't want to explain myself. Next.

1024 days ago. Caption - "E-learning @Starbucks now! Guess what drink I'm having? :D"

I remember there was this period during poly which i did not attend school because either #1: I was too lazy to travel all the way to woodlands. #2: I was gonna be late. #3: I don't like that particular module/facilitator. What i would do is take a bus to Tampines Mall's Starbucks, order my fav. drink, plug in my laptop and spend the rest of the day there (:

Uploaded 1023 days ago. Caption - "Can you believe this is how I look like in the past?"

Yeah, that's how i looked like in the past. This photo caused quite a stir when i first uploaded it. Generating like 1000+ views in a couple of hours. Everyone was commenting about my teeth, which is also the reason why i had braces on in poly. Honestly i think this is already one of the "better" photos of me when i was younger. The wonders of Braces, LOL

997 days ago. "Can you spot my Hair extensions? I did it for fun, haha :D"

I always wanted grey hair during my poly days (I have seriously no idea why) so one day i was at Far east with Rinn and Hui xin and i randomly thought of putting a few grey extensions into my fringe just for fun. It's like $1 each only and the above is the end result. Not really very obvious plus i can feel the clip in my hair. Took it off after a couple of weeks.

990 days ago. "OMG! It's really ME on those "TV" at shopping malls! Managed to capture a shot of myself"

Got a tweet from one of my followers during class that they spotted me on some giant television at Tampines mall so out of curiosity and to see if it's really true, i decided to head down to TM after school and to my surprise, i appeared on the giant screen. Apparently it's for some Canon camera advertisement by OMY or something. 我是明星 hor, LOL

979 days ago. No caption. I think i got the HTC phone through some blogging contest! *flicks hair*

974 days ago. Caption "Just got off the limo! Felt like a superstar, lol!"

Because of my blog, i have sat in a limo for at least 3 times. Something which most people don't really get to experience unless they decided to rent it for themselves. I think 974 days ago was the first time i stepped into one and i was amazed by how luxury and spacious it is. I felt like a superstar! Without my blog, i would just be a normal teenager.

962 days. Since young, this has been the ONLY brand/flavour of Maggi mee i take.

Uploaded 926 days ago. Most people were crazy over Restaurant city and Farm ville during my poly days so i decided to join in the fun! Honestly, the REAL reason why i have 2 facebook accounts is because... i tried to cheat in RC and got banned from the game! Thus i decided to create another account to play the game again, LOL! Now you know :P

Uploaded 911 days ago. "It has been long since i put on my chio blue Geo lens! (:"

Throughout my poly days, i have been wearing contact lens to school! You know those popular GEO lens which cost less than 15 bucks and you can literally wear them for a year? I was wearing those. I had like blue, grey, green, brown etc. Wearing them for one year seem a bit too extreme so my stand is max. 3 months. After which i will throw them away. Anyway, it's affordable to get another pair too. If you divide, it's only 5 bucks a month. Much cheaper than outside!

899 days ago. "I think Macdonalds Monopoly game is damn addictive! Must I repeat that I won a Milkshake last night?"

LOL, because of this game, i literally took the train over to NYP to have McDonald because their EVM are student price and they give double the game cards! I dare not aim for higher prizes so everytime i just wish to win a milkshake, that's all i wish for! Most of the time if i heng then get food items, other than that normally nothing de... So addictive. LOL

Alright, that's all for part 1! Will be sharing the remaining twitpics in part 2!