Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Part 2: Twitpics of the past!

Continue from the previous post, read it HERE if you haven't! Basically in this 2 part post, i'm just sharing some old twitpics that i uploaded through my phone ever since i first joined twitter. So without ado, let's continue with part 2!

Uploaded 863 days ago.

Caption: "My desk is the one & only one in the world b'cos I designed it! Spent the whole day drawing on it in sec school! (:" I bought this white table from ikea and i thought the design was rather plain so one day i grabbed a black marker and started doodling on it, trying to fill up as much space as possible! I thought the end result was rather pretty and decided not to change my table until recently i did a room revamp and change out all the furniture. So bu se de :(

Uploaded 861 days ago.

I was rather bored and i decided to play with photoshop by trying to edit coloured contact lens on, and to make things even complicated for myself, i tried to photoshop my braces away! Now i look at the "after" photo, i think the eyes quite kua zhang. Last time still noob. The teeth ok lah. It's looks quite alright taking into account that i wasn't very good in PS.

Uploaded 829 days ago in Korea.

One of the proudest moment in my blogging journey. The very first time in my 21 years i got to take a plane and it was to Korea, plus it's fully sponsored by LG. Representing Singapore to attend the Global LG workshop. It's the best thing that ever happened throughout my blogging days! It was also my first time experiencing snowfall. Super amazing!

Uploaded 808 days ago.

Nothing really got to do with me but still. Jessica posted the "before" photo on her twitter and challenged everyone to photoshop the image and since i was super free during that time, i took up the challenge and edited the photo to the "after" image. I would say it's not very difficult but there's definitely room for improvement to make it more "real" (:

Uploaded 803 days ago. I miss that hair.

Uploaded 745 day ago.

Not only did LG sponsored me to Korea, they also gave me their latest phone at that time which is the LG eve! It was one of the best sidekick phone i ever had plus i requested to wait for the black and silver version which was out much later! I still have the phone with me till today! A sponsored trip to Korea + free phone, what more could i have ask for?

Uploaded 721 days ago.

I remember it was before i enlisted in army! Since i had to shave botak before i enlist. I thought why not do something crazy to my hair, so i bought a bottle of bleached and DIY it to make it look like one of the SHINee member, Jonghyun! This is definitely the most crazy thing i did to my hair but i have never regretted it. I think not bad what, no meh? LOL

Uploaded 718 days ago.

My hair starts to turn orange as the days goes by but still, no regrets. Officially took off my braces 718 days ago and till this very day, i still religiously put on my retainers when i go to sleep every night. What a big difference compared to my old photos! I can't believe i'm saying this but i think i took this photo in a toilet cubicle. Don't judge me, no idea why.

673 days ago. Baked by Claire, one of the best i've ever tasted

Uploaded 662 days ago.

One of the best phones i ever had in terms of user friendliness. Used it till the very day until i enlisted into Tekong. After the few weeks confinement period, i reached home only to hear from my mum that she lost it on the very day i enlisted.

Uploaded 575 days ago.

Planned my 21st birthday while i was in Tekong. No idea how i did it but the planning was one of the few things that kept me going. Eventually i settled with the crazy idea of having it at Mcdonalds! Designed the invitation card and bought a photo printer just to print those out. I would say, it was definitely worth the effort. Enjoyed myself a lot

449 days ago.

Clarence couldn't make it to my 21st birthday party because he was overseas (i forgot where he went) but he brought something back! He knew i was a huge fan of stitch so he got the above soft toy for me! I think it's damn cute! YAYYY

Uploaded 118 days ago.

This photo was taken some time back when i was writing for a online magazine as a resident blogger - Sauceink. We were having a photoshoot at Singapore Expo and it was around night time when we decided to do a car shot with the headlights on. I thought this shot was not bad, quite cool what! Got the initial D feel or Taiwan drama feel, wtf LOL

Uploaded 53 days ago

One of the more recent images when DrawSomething is the craze (it still is!) Every time when i can't solve a drawing, i would twitpic it and ask my followers for help. Now when i look back at the above two photos, i still have no idea what's the answer. Can anyone figure it out? I should have print screen and share all the weird drawings that my friends drew!

Uploaded 30 days ago.

Last but not least, the above photo is one of the most recent photos that i uploaded! If you have been following me on twitter, you will notice that i've been going for bowling sessions every few days, it's like i'm almost addicted to it! Each game is about $4.50 for public but after i signed up for this Nebo card, it's only $3.50 on peak and $2.70 during non peak! Save alot in the long run leh! Impromptu-ly grabbed my Facebook DP for the card image, the card very wu hua!

That's all for my twitpic recap post! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did recapping what was happening when i took those photos. I'm quite determined to update my twitter/fb with more photos since i got my new iPod touch! :D