Monday, April 30, 2012

Universal Studios with BFFs! ♥

This is officially the 3rd time i have been to Universal Studios Singapore ever since it opened and the most thankful thing is, i never once paid for the entrance fee! The very first time was in 2010 when it very first opened, 2nd was thanks to Jiaqi who got tickets for family day and now BFF Nurul who got the tickets and decided to invite me and Yah See! YAY

It was quite a last minute decision because Nurul wasn't sure if she can get the tickets but she got it in the end so we met super early the next day and headed over to Sentosa! Honestly, who would reject going to Universal Studios! LOL

The iconic USS globe which everyone must take photos with. (even if you are not entering USS, lol)

5 years of friendship and counting!

This impromptu USS trip was actually part of an event which consist about 1500+ people so if you happened to plan a USS trip that day, you are actually quite suay because there's an additional of 1500 people on top of the usual weekend crowd. Nevertheless, we still had fun! Universal Studios or Sentosa itself is one of the best best place in Singapore to spend a day at with friends, not taking into account the quite expensive USS entrance fee though. Agree, don't agree?

There was even a queue just to get into USS so we took the opportunity to take photos with our tickets!

My main objective of this USS trip was actually to take the Transformers Ride! This is the latest attraction and i've heard so many people raving about this ride but i have no idea what it is about! I'm a huge fan of the Transformers movie thus taking this ride is a MUST! The queue was rather deceiving because it stretches all the way in. We queued for about 1 hour plus just to take the ride. I remember i was complaining on twitter the whole time while queuing up.

I thought it was just a normal motion simulator ride but this Transformer ride REALLY MOVES from places to places! (at least i think it does,lol) The effects was stunning and it can even make you feel like you are falling like as if you are taking a roller coaster! I seriously wonder how they do it. It will make you feel like the wait is worth it. REALLY REALLY

This giant Transformer robot which people are paying to take photos with. Don't understand why they cannot build a robot that people at least recognise. At least put a Bumblebee or Optimus prime what. This is like some random robot. But still, everyone wants to take photos with it. So proud of my swivel screen camera for the above photo, MUAHAHA

They actually have the real Bumblebee Chevrolet car on display! *takes 452346 photos with it*

Group photo with the Madagascar characters!

There's also another new Madagascar ride which opened recently but none of us was really interested because we heard it's just a slow boat ride. Maybe good for those who has been walking the whole day and wants a rest, but not for us.

I knew EXACTLY what i wanted to have for lunch when i'm in USS! MEL'S DRIVE IN!

I had it the previous time i came to USS and i love the fast food there! It's affordable and there's quite a wide variety of meals to choose from! This time i ordered the chicken burger, top up for a coke float and cheese fries! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE!!! Okay, maybe the next time i come to USS, i should try other places. Shouldn't limit myself, LOL

I THE FAST FOOD HERE! I wish they have an outlet on the island itself, in town or something.

Next attraction we decided to go to was the Shrek 4D movie! We were too full to take any of the exciting rides so we thought we should at least let our food digest before taking the roller coaster rides. Shrek 4D as usual was pretty cool with all the wind and water effects! At any one time, you can have est 500 people (i guess?) watching the show. WOW

Next up, we deposit our belongings and took the Mummy ride! Honestly speaking, this is one of the rides in USS which i'm most afraid of. I never liked roller coasters specially this one which you have no idea where you are going because you are in the dark PLUS there's this part whereby you will DROP BACKWARDS without any warning lor. OH MY TIAN.

Wanted to go for the Jurassic Park rides but then the queue for both rides takes about an hour so we decided not to wait. I was actually looking forward to the water ride and also the canopy flyer! I came to USS twice but only managed to take the ride once. WHY SO LONG QUEUE! The previous time i took the canopy flyer, i brought my camera up! See!

AWESOME RIGHT! But to queue 1 hour just for this 46 seconds ride. Hmm... you decide.


I was telling myself, "This is the 3rd time you have been to USS and you are still not going to try the roller coasters?" and my BFFs was like telling me, what can be worse than the ride we took at Hong Kong the previous time. So i gave in to peer pressure once again, and decided to go on both rides! The RED one was more scary because of the 5 turns!

Nurul was like exclaiming to me when she saw the above Bumblebee and i was like, "I know, i saw it long ago. The car was always there what." then she pointed to me this Bumblebee robot which was moving and i was like, "ZOMG. SERIOUSLY?! BUMBLEBEE?!" (i thought she was all the while referring to the Chevrolet car, LOL!) The next thing i did was to squeeze through the crowd just to take photos of it. Quite real leh! One of the best that i have ever seen irl.

A group photo of the BFFs with our churros (and the globe, lol) to end this post!

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't been to USS before, it's time to plan a trip there! The first time i stepped into USS, i felt like i was transported overseas. Sounds abit kua zhang but it's really true! You need to feel it for urself.

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