Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm on #Instagram!

If you have been following me on twitter, you should have read that i recently got myself the white iPod touch that i've always wanted. So now i have 2 iPod touch, one in black and one in white. I can't bring the white one to work because of the camera though. Well, there's not the point of this post. One of the main reasons i got the white iPod touch is because of its camera! Because of the built in camera, i get to play with a lot of the fascinating camera filter apps!
My favourite camera app currently would be Camera 360! There's really a HUGE varieties of filters for you to choose from, in fact so much that i don't really bother to use any other apps to take photos. LINE camera is also another app that got me hook onto recently! It enables one to edit the photos using the in built filters then edit them by adding super cute stamps and texts! Everytime i take a photo using Camera 360, i would import it over to LINE Camera to edit!
The 4 photos i edited recently! Cute right!!!

I was thinking where i should i upload these photos i edited to keep as well as to share with others to i decided to sign up for Instagram! I was playing around with the app and i'm really impressed by the photos at the "popular" tab, all very pretty and artistic! So from now onwards, i will be uploading my randomly edited photos to my instagram stream!