Monday, May 21, 2012

My new Baby - Lumix G2! ♥

Well, if you have been following me on twitter, you would have read that i recently sold away my beloved Samsung EX1 camera and bought another camera! Honestly speaking, the Samsung EX1 is one of the best camera that i ever had. It's easy to bring around, it has a fantastic swivel screen which is perfect for camwhoring with friends, almost every shot turns out brilliant (minimal editing required) and the list just goes on and on. Damn, i'm starting to miss it already :(

I even imported a leather case from Hong Kong, and bought a special transformers lens to zeng it. Now i sold it away. For just $300. Condition was 8/10, with an additional spare battery. Shall stop harping on it since i already sold it. To find a camera that is as good as the EX1 or even better was quite tough, until i came across the Panasonic Lumix G2.

There's a story behind every camera i got. For this Lumix, it first caught my eye when i was window shopping at Vivo. Best Denki was having a Mother Day's promotion (original price was $1099!) It caught my attention for its size but i never thought of getting it since i had a fantastic EX1. But out of curiosity, i went home to research about Lumix G2.

One important factor i was looking at was the Swivel screen. I'm so used to the swivel screen that my new camera MUST have it. There's quite limited choices in the market now, mainly the Canon 600D, 60D, G12 and a few others. But they are all either quite ugly, heavy or bulky. But this Lumix G2 is light and the size is actually smaller than a DSLR.

Not only that, it has a viewfinder that i always wanted (although it's an electronic one) and guess what? It's touch screen! One special feature is that you can even use the touch screen as the shutter button! Just tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo, easy for camwhore! The only downside i find is that one lens does not do everything. Because this camera is a micro 4/3, i have to get different lenses and they cost a bomb! The pancake lens for close/macro photography cost about $400+ (i think!) With that money, i can buy a compact camera le lor. Not buying for now!

Oh ya, the story is... That night after researching, i decided to upgrade to the Lumix G2. But first i had to make sure someone wanted to buy my EX1 so i can top up the remaining. Within minutes after i tweeted, i got a buyer. (I got a feeling i sold it too cheap -_-) The next morning, i called almost all the Best Denki outlets in Singapore to ask if they have stock for the Lumix G2. Because it's on offer, most of the stocks were sold. To name a few, Century Square, Parkway Parade, all sold out. The Compass point outlet opens 3o mins than most outlets so i waited and pray. Called them at 10.30am sharp and was told they have one more set left! So i reserved it and cabbed down to pick it up!

Well, i'm now a proud owner of the Lumix G2! (Although i haven't really learn how to use it yet, still using the auto function -_-) Hope i won't be lazy to bring it out since it's much bigger than my EX1. (I was already complaining about bringing out the EX1, LOL) FYI, my dream camera is still the Fujifilm X100 but it's still $1699 for now! So expensive lor :(