Friday, June 22, 2012

Aunty, why you no appreciate?

I have no idea what made me want to blog about this topic but i just felt like writing a wordy post about it. But before i go on this post, in case you have no idea what's the latest "buzz" in Singapore right now, you should watch this video:

So what are your first thoughts after watching? Who is in the right, who is in the wrong?

Few days ago, i came across this video when someone shared this video on Facebook so i decided to kaypoh and take a look. I then realised it's an argument between a girl and an auntie over the priority seat on the train. Ever since the 'priority seat' or 'reserved seat' was introduced on the MRT, it's common knowledge among Singaporeans that one should always give up their seat for the pregnant, the elderly, the injured or those with children as shown in the image below:

Well, my stand would be - I'll never take the priority seat. If i enter the train and there's only the priority seat empty, i would stand. Even if it means all the way from Cityhall to Pasir Ris. To make it more kua zhang, even from Pioneer to Pasir Ris! (But won't be so suay de lah. Ok, shall not side track!) Because i believe the seat is there for a reason. I don't mind anyone taking the seat, but they must know when to give up that seat. Honestly speaking, the priority seat serves as an reminder to everyone that we should always give up our seat to the needy. Be it priority seat or not. Doesn't mean we are not taking the priority seat, we don't have to give it up for others. I think most people just don't get it.

Back to the video. Auntie ask for seat, girl offers to her (be it willingly or unwillingly) Auntie flares up and accused the girl for staring at her, starts scolding her and eventually took out her phone to try snap a photo of the girl. SERIOUSLY AUNTIE? People give up seat to you already still complain so much for what! Sometimes i can't stand these aunties who think they own the world. If they ask politely for the seat, i don't see any reason why people won't give up their seat for you. Most people would understand. The girl keeps quiet and stand infront of her, she started scolding her. FHL

Honestly i think the girl's tolerance level quite high. I think when most people come across situations like this, what they would do is just get off the next stop and take the next train. End of story. But this girl still continue stand infront of the auntie and let her scold until she cannot take it and start retaliating back with vulgarities. (Unleash the ah lian in her) Someone give her the 'Most polite ah lian' award for using the word "Please" before she hurl her vulgarities, LOL

The auntie still can take out her hand phone and take photos of the girl. I randomly asked one of my friend what he would do. He replied, "I would slap her" AUNTIE, WHY STILL MUST TAKE PHOTOS?! If i'm those violent sort, i would just grab her phone and smash it against the wall or something. I quite curious why the girl don't do the same by taking out her phone and snap photos of the auntie too. Oh wells, maybe she don't want to snoop to her level. HAHAHAHA

Anyway, i feel bad for the girl. (Maybe that's the reason why i wrote this post!) This morning i tweeted: "STOMP should have never been created. It just shows the ugly side of Singaporeans" Every little thing people want to stomp. Nowadays whenever i take the public transport wearing my uniform, i try not to sit down or if i sit, i have to stay awake and constantly look around for the needy and give up my seat for them - fearing that i might get stomp for 'occupying the seat' and end up in some twisted story. "Jump into yellow river also cannot clean" Army personnel are human too right? We do get tired also! The public look at us as if we are superhuman and we can stand forever *roll eyes*

That's all i have to say. If you have an opinion, do drop a comment below (:

Image credit to SGAG Singapore.